April Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologise for being 5 days late posting my monthly favourites post this April. I had been quiet a busy bee this week and also next week and even busier in the second week of May. I had, however, create an editorial schedule for most of May so hopefully I still able to post twice a week :)
Anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of April.

Bought this on my last trip to Australia. Glad to finally found this on a discounted price at Southwarf DFO. I would wear this watch every single day if I could. However, due to its fancy vibe, I only been able to wear this every weekend. I do love the bangle-like feature of this Calvin Klein watch. It feels very chic and yet classic at the same time. I have a strange fascination with silver watches these days. Which is weird since I have always been a gold hardware type of gal. This is actually my first watch in silver hardware!

This is also from my last Australia trip, which you can read all about it by clicking here. This one is actually gifted to me from my aunt who lives there. I do love the light jasmine smell since I'm not the biggest fan of fruity or musky scent. I think the reason I worn this so much is because I don't need to open a cap or anything, unlike my Daisy or my Miss Dior which both has adorable cap but a bit of a hassle. This one I could just grab and spray and I'm ready to go.

Another beauty product that I have been wearing a lot is this Burberry Lip Velvet in Fawn Rose. I absolutely adore this pretty nude pink shade. It goes on very smoothly and it does felt (and looked) velvet-y like on your lips. They don't stand food or drink that well since it is a very comfy liquid lipstick. I don't mind reapplying my lipstick, I always do that anyway. Yeah, it's a great choice for everyday look.

This one I also just bought about two weeks ago? I wanted a compact camera that can shoot video nicely and also had big opening to give you that pretty bokeh shots. And I'm happy to announced I have found one! I'm sure other vloggers out there already aware of this magical little guy called Canon G7X Mark ii. It has flippable screen which makes taking selfies a lot easier! I do love the small F2 which creates decent blurred background for food and drinks (important for my fiancee! he loves photographing his food). It has great low-light feature as well! This camera performs great in dark surrounding.

I read three book this month. One is Joan Didion' Run River (a bit of a drag, loved the last 5 chapters tho). Second is Paul Arden' God Explained in A Taxi Ride (an interesting one!). And the third, and also a long time favourite of mine, is this George Brescia' Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life, because you can't go naked. I had this book for about three years and I always re-read it whenever it's spring cleaning time because I do a closet purge every six months. And sometimes it's nice to be remembered that even when the clothes fit, it's doesn't mean it flatters you. It also had colour chart pages for each hair colours and skin type. A very informative book indeed.

For entertainment, I am thrilled with Scandal's Season 6 so far. Last season was just "meh" but this season really brings us back to the greatness of Season 2. My favourite episode so far (it's 12 eps as I'm writing this) is episode 9 "Dead in The Water". Whoever wrote the part of Huck trying to escape the trunk deserves an Emmy. I mean, the whole thing could go CSI-esque (don't get me wrong, I love CSI but Scandal is a totally different show) very fast but they tapped in to Huck's mental health by having his most influential people in his life talking to him to help escape the drowning car. This episode has heart and so compelling I couldn't look at my phone even just for a second.

I think this soundtrack needs to introduction. Vol. 1 was my favourite playlist ever, and still is, actually, Hooked on A Feeling is one my Top 20 Most Played song.. But this Awesome Mix Vol. 2 comes close to that. My favourite is Mr. Blue Sky, obviously. And I also really like Brandy and Come A Little Bit Closer. Oh yeah, the movie was awesome as well. Baby Groot is everything.

Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a great Thursday! One more day until weekend :)


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