May Favourites

Hi, guys! First of all, I'd like to pat myself in the back for posting a favourite post on time. This is not a coincidence and I obviously sacrifice my TV time for this. LOL. But anyway, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of May.

This Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag is an oldie but goodie. I bought this back in 2014 and I wore it all the time when I first purchased it. However, since I have bought more bags after that, this little bad boy had been a little bit neglected. I pulled this out for an outfit that has a bit orange colour in it and I fell in love with it all over again. Been trying to incorporate this bag to my daily outfit in the past month.

I've mentioned it on my previous favourites that I have been having a strange fascination with silver watches so I purchased another one! When I first saw it on Kendall Jenner, I was like, I NEED THAT WATCH! Naturally, I went over to Daniel Wellington website to purchased this Classic Petite Sterling watch but alas they were sold out. Hence, I was so happy when they are finally restocked! Took no time and click that add to cart button. I love how it's so casual yet the sterling still gives a refined vibe. Even my mom wants one in gold strap and white dial. I was a little bit hesitant buying the black dial, but I thought I wanted something more modern. The silver strap with white dial is definitely a classic and I might buy that one in the future.

I have been very faithful with my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray but I thought I'd try something new. So when Kathleen Lights raved about this spray, I immediately go out and buy one. I mean, for $10, you can't be wrong purchasing it. I do love the smell, nothing too strong, and it sprays very nicely, misty for sure. The effect is not too matte or too dewy which I love. It does makes make up stays put although I haven't tested it for 16 hours. I did wore it for 12 hours and definitely loving the result. Some customers claimed this spray break them out but I have been using them every other day for the past month and nothing happened so I guess if you have sensitive skin, beware!

This Korean brand of aloe vera gel have been all over my instagram feed. It seems like every single make up store that I followed recommend this green guy right here. I've only been wearing this as a moisturiser for my face in the past 2 weeks but I love it so far. It doesn't break me out and it does have that cooling effect when you apply it. Which I guess will be perfect for summer. I don't notice any significant difference in my skin tho. The website says there are tons of use for this gel; as a mask, you can use it on your hair, as a primer, and on your nails. For $7, it seems worth to try. I just wish it doesn't have alcohol because dry skin might have problem with it.

Another oldie but goodie, I have been reaching this blush over and over again this May. I guess I just love the neutral peachy colour and I also love the sheen! It makes your cheek glows. The colour also lasts a good amount of time on my skin.

I read three books this month. This one, Fiesta by Ernst Hemingway, and the other book is The Head of the Saint by Soccoro Acioli. I do love Soccoro Acioli's, it's a very easy to read book (finished it in one day), since it is a Young Adult book but it has so much culture richness in it and a story I rarely see in books these days. However, I'm always biased, especially when it comes to a classic. I come across The Call of the Wild book way too often in other books I have read so I finally took the plunge and bought one. A book from a dog's point of view is not something that I have ever read before so it was refreshing for sure. And I LOVE that Buck is kinda regressing or is it progressing? from a tame pet to a leader of the wolf pack. I mean, talk about character development! If you haven't read this, I do recommend it! I don't like the animal abuse part but I guess that's important to the story.

I'm going to be honest here, even as a devoted fan who has been watching since day one, I feel like The Big Bang Theory Season 10 has been a lacklustre to put it nicely. The only reason the season finale made it to this favourite post is because Shamy's wedding is finally happening!!! It has been a long time coming and Amy is my second favourite character right after Penny (I know, I'm so basic). There are some funny moments tho, such as when Raj complained about Nowitzki didn't allow him to sit with her at lunch, he said "I could have made her very happy." and to that Leonard said "You kept walking, I think you did." Another one I like is when Amy went all mafia-gangsta to Penny and Bernadette via Skype about Sheldon and Nowitzki; and Penny went like "When you told us to keep an eye on him, I thought you meant like not letting him cross the street and get hit by a car" to which Bernadette said "Which only happened once"
I thought that was funny.

One of my favourite vlogger is Jenn Im. I absolutely love her, I think she's just the sweetest! I have been following her videos since 2013/2014. I found Weylie from Wahlie TV and fell in love with her funny friendly videos as well in the middle of 2016. For Sophia Chang, I only loved her recently since early 2017. I know the three of them are friends from their videos mentioning each other every once a while so when Sophia announced they did a collab vids, I was like, guurrl,sign me in! Each of them uploaded different videos. Weylie uploaded a Get ready with us vid (a funny one), Jenn posted a Truth or Dare vid (which is hilarious) but my favourite would have to be this Desert Lookbook vid by Sophia. I mean, she is the queen of everything cool, and this video is off the chart in terms of coolness. Absolutely love how she edit her videos. The girls look absolutely stunning as well as per usual.

For music, I have been loving Grace to Grace by Hillsong. I especially love Taya Smith's version. The lyric just really resonate with me in the most profound way. I literally teared up every time I sing it out loud. I mean, I am living from His grace to grace day by day. Also, I might have annoyed my fiancee by requesting this song every single time we go together in the car.

Anyway, thank you for reading and wishing everyone a great midweek!


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