Before After Everyday Make Up + How To Make Your Make Up Lasts

Hi, guys!
I don't mean to brag but I got questions all the time about "what kind of powder do you use?" or "how is your make up still look good after a whole day outside?"

So I thought I put one nice post about those two questions and to answer it, I basically have to explain about my everyday make up routine tho. Which is pretty simple really. The whole thing, with curling the end of my hair a little bit, only take about 30 mins.

First question "what kind of powder do you use?"
I use Coty Airspun Extra Coverage Loose Powder.

This powder is magic and I couldn't recommend this enough. There is a no colour option but I like extra coverage version because I don't wear foundation for my everyday make up. This version does have a strong smell but it's gone after application. For the price (I usually spend around $10 to $12) I do think it's totally worth it. I have used this every single day in the past 6 months and I still have plenty left.

Second question : how do you make your make up last?

So for this question, the answer rely inside my everyday make up routine. There are 11 steps and let me break it down to you.

Step One - Moisturise

You can use any kind of moisturiser obviously but I love this Shiseido White Lucent series. I have been wearing this since I was a uni student and still love it until now. This one is around $55, unfortunately, I don't have a more budget friendly version. I do believe Pixie skin care line is having a moment right now or you can try Nature Republic aloe vera gel as well.
Moisturising your skin before you put on any kind of make up is very important since a well prepped skin makes a great base for make up to stick.

Step Two - Sunblock

I used to skip this step but since I turned 27 last year, I have been paying more attention to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays. This The Body Shop Skin Defence sunblock have SPF 50 PA+++ and I don't know why but I just love SPF 50 anything so I decided to try this. The smell is really good and it doesn't make your face sticky at all, which is a big plus for me!
Sunblock provides not only protection from the sun, but also gives your make up another layer to cling in to, which is another secret to make your make up lasts. Layer it up!

Step Three - Primer

Before you put any kind of make up, primer your face first. I have combination skin with oily T-zone and normal everywhere else. Because of that, I always look for primer that have mattifying effect in them. My favourite so far is Benefit The Porefessional Matte Rescue ($28). It's in gel form which makes applying it has a little bit cooling effect. A little goes along the way. I focus my primer around my T-zone first and then apply it to the rest of my face. For a more budget friendly version, I quite like NYX Shine Killer ($14) . The oil control is obviously not as great as Benefit's but it's pretty decent. 
Priming your face means you are filing your fine line and smoothing your pores, making your foundation lasts so much longer than it usually does.

Step Four - Concealer

Normal people would put their foundation first and then concealer. However, for everyday make up, I like to go light so I usually skip foundation and go straight to applying concealer. I put the concealer underneath my eyes, along the bridge of the nose, and on my chin; blend all of it with Real Technique Beauty Blender. Just to give that bright wake up look. My go-to choice is Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($25). It smells SO GOOD and it has amazing coverage. I usually go with one layer but on days when I'm going to meet up with people, I'd like to go two layers. Another favourite of mine, which is so much cheaper and almost as good, is Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($6). This one is not as thick as Tarte's so the coverage is not as good. I always go with two or three layers with Maybelline's. But the good news is, but doesn't crease throughout the day.

Step Five -Set Everything

After applying concealer, obviously you will feel a tad bit sticky so I set it with this Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (Extra Coverage version, since I don't use any foundation). I focus on the area where I put my concealer and then spread it to the rest of my face. 
The main function is not only to make your face touchable without leaving traces of make up, but to also lock the foundation and concealer that you apply before.

Step Six - Eyebrow

I got my eyebrow 6d microbladed in January so I usually skip this step but when I feel like I want to go with a bolder eyebrow, my go to choice is this Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil ($24). I like it because it has small tip which makes creating hair stroke-like line super easy. Unfortunately, I don't have a cheaper version. I do like Dolly Wink brow pencil tho and that is cheaper, around $15. I used to wear that one a lot in my uni days.
Eyebrow really frame your eyes so make sure you don't skip this step!

Step Seven - Eyeliner

My holy grail of eyeliner is this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner ($22). It's jet black, goes very smoothly, and it doesn't smudge, at all. Even after a whole day of rain and sweat. A more budget friendly version which is also a favourite of mine, Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner ($7). The tip is slightly bigger than Stila's but I like it that way since for everyday make up I don't use any kind of eyeshadow so bolder eyeliner works really well. It does smudge on me after four hours or so no matter how well I prepped my eyes. But it's just a tad bit of smudge, no panda eyes, I promise.

Step Eight - Bronzer

Bronzing is my favourite part because it just makes my face slimmer and overall healthier. I like Benefit' Hoola Bronzer  ($29) because it's not too warm or too taupe, which can makes you look dirty. I apply this on my cheekbones, along my jawlines, along the hairline, and a little bit on the side of my neck. Unfortunately, I don't have a budget friendly version of bronzer. I do have The Balm Bahama Mama and like it all right.. It's a little bit too warm for me so I don't wear it that often. I am however, curious about Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer ($5). Might have to try that one soon!

Step Nine - Blush

Good news, my favourite blushes are both from drugstore and very much budget friendly. I reach for Wet n Wild Apricot In The Middle ($3) almost every day since I like peachy tone than pinky ones. Another favourite is Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink ($8). Both lasts forever on my skin and both has sheen which I love since I can skip highlighter and still have that glow.

Step Ten - Lipstick

We are almost done, guys. The next step is lipstick. My favourites both are from MAC ($17) which is Kinda Sexy and Faux. The pairing would be Apricot in The Middle with Kinda Sexy or Milani Dolce Pink with Faux. Both are very soft tone hence creating a beautiful natural healthy lip.
Unfortunately, I don't have a budget friendly version but I heard for Kinda Sexy, you can try Revlon in Smoked Peach. While for Faux, you can try NYX Whipped Caviar.

Step Eleven - Setting Spray

The last step! Always make sure you finished your make up with a setting spray. It locks in all the make up and makes everything you put on your face earlier lasts longer. For long days, I like Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray ($31) while for everyday use, I like this Milani Make It Last Setting Spray ($10). The Urban Decay ones have better oil control while the Milani's gives a glowing finish, so I do need to blot at least two times a day. But I don't mind that at all.

Well I hope you like my secret to make my make up lasts throughout the day :)
I'm off to Bangkok this Thursday and I'd be sure to document everything to share in this blog.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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