Bangkok Vacation Outfits

Hi, guys!
I got home from my Bangkok vacation about a week ago and I'm just starting to sorting through the 500 photos we took there. I got sick as soon as we got home and I still have a cold and a cough altho I'm feeling much better now which is why I decided to kick start the vacation posts with the easiest one, a documentation of what I wore. Enjoy.

Look One

If I would give this look a title, it would be "messy hair don't care". Well not really, I do care, but I don't really have an option so might as well go with it. Keeping it simple with a black and white outfit for the four hours flight. Not sure if the brown bag looks weird or not, but I don't hate it.

harper white top - // peg trousers in black -
denim jacket - New Look // Piper medium bag - Furla // flyknit racer shoes in oreo - Nike

Look Two

Happy in yellow for our Santorini Park visit. The heat was the only unpleasant thing about that day. Taking everything in while daydreaming about the day when we'll visit the real Santorini in Greece. Anyway, this is my favourite outfit from all!

yellow crop top - Stradivarius // printed midi skirt - H&M (last season) // straw boater hat - thrifted // nude sandal - Mango (very old) // Piper medium bag - Furla // watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Look Three

A modest look for the Temple of Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace visit. It was really really hot and I'm glad I scored this flowy dress the night before. It was only 300 baht (around US$9). For the temple you need to cover your shoulder and knees, which is why this dress is the perfect option. 

straw boater hat - thrifted // dress - from Platinum Mall // Piper medium bag - Furla // watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs // sandals - Mango (very old) // Clubmaster classic sunglasses - Rayban // 
earrings - Trinkets We Love

Look Four

Another dress I scored from Platinum Mall and this one is also around 300 baht (US$9). Wore this dress to visit Dog in Town Cafe where you can play with the dogs while having your snacks! The belt is also from Platinum Mall and I think it was around 200 baht (US$6).

dress & belt - Platinum Mall // bracelet - H&M (very old) // 
watch & bag - similar with previous outfit

Look Five

I was a bit hesitant when I bought this top, not sure if I will like it, but as it turns out, I LOVE this sabrina blouse. Tried to search for the store again to purchase another color and another print, but Platinum Mall is a maze of little shops and we failed. On the plus point, this top is super comfy too. 

sabrina top - Platinum Mall // white shorts - Zara (last season) // sandals - Ipanema // 
watch & bag - similar with previous outfit

Look Six

Another comfy outfit for another four hour flight back to our home country. Not to mention the additional three hours drive to our town. The cropped t-shirt is a Thailand handmade and I'm glad I didn't scored another made in china item. Nothing against made in china items tho. In fact, 75% of my closet consisted of them. But anyway, I couldn't have picked a better shoes for those stressful airport scenes. Love this sneakers to bits.

cropped t-shirt - from Chaktuchak Weekend Market // peg trousers in black - // 
flyknit racer shoes in oreo - Nike // chokers - Platinum Mall // 
watch & bag - similar with previous outfit.

Putting together another two posts about our vacation. Stay tuned and I'll see you in the next post :)
Have a happy weekend and happy Ramadan for those who celebrate.


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