Ten for Ten Spring Edition (Look 9 + 10)

Hi, guys!
I hope everybody is having a good day. Today's post is the last two looks of my Ten for Ten Spring Edition. I definitely had fun creating all ten outfits and can't wait to see them altogether in one pic!
But that's for the next post, in the meantime these are look number nine and ten.

Look Nine

Wore this outfit for a Sunday service and feeling cold the whole time. LOL. Should've brought my suede jacket with me. But overall, I do like this dress a whole lot. It's from one of my favorite local brand but unfortunately this Praul dress is sold out, however, there are tons of pretty dresses there. This dress is kinda fancy with its lace fabric but I found them to be very wearable for weekends and special events :)

Look Nine

Clearly from the outfit it was one casual day for running errands as per usual. Honestly, yellow always puts me in a good mood but it's the colour that is most difficult to find in the right shade. It's either too bright or too dark. My yellow top is super old and I didn't even remember where I bought it. It doesn't even have a tag so I assume perhaps when I was in Hong Kong or Bangkok?

And that's all ten looks! Stay tuned for a full recap of the outfit I created in my Ten for Ten Spring Edition.


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