Lux Dubai

Dubai is a relatively young city and it's definitely lives up to expectation in terms of making you go all "wow" thanks to their futuristic architecture and lavish culture. I literally spot a sport car every 5 minutes.  Above is me standing in front of Burj al Arab which is a SEVEN stars hotel built on a man-made island. They made an island 200 meters from the shore line and then built the hotel so we actually have to go across a bridge to get inside.

 Atlantis Hotel. This is also a very expensive hotels and they say it's perfect for a family vacation.

Abra Water Taxi.

Dubai is very famous for its gold. Most gold in the world usually mix with other metals but Dubai's gold is just pure 100% gold.

 Mall of Dubai before our fancy dinner later that night.

 Inside Burj Al Arab Hotel. Everything looks fit for Royals. When you stay here, all your toiletries will be from Hermes.

Junsui Restaurant in Burj Al Khalifa. They serves Asian foods (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian) with a buffet style so it was fun to tastes everything! Service is one of its best. I think they have at least one waiter/waitress from every nationality. We were served by Chinese and Indonesian waiter and waitress.

Hermes hand lotion at Junsui toilet!

The entrace of Junsui. Love the glowing walls!

Anyway, I have one more post left from Dubai. Have a great week ahead!


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