Promised Land Part Two

Picture above is Armageddon Valley where the last battle will occur according to book of Revelation. It was such a gorgeous view that I can't even imagine any battle will happen here. Anyway, around 30 photos in this post, so much more friendlier than previous post.

Casaera district located near Mediteranian beach which famous with its Aquaduck. 
The bridge you see functioned as a pipe to move water from source of water to cities back in Roman era.

The site where we see Armageddon Valley located in Muhraka. 

Bahai Shrine's Garden located in lovely seaside city of Haifa. 
This is just the most gorgeous view ever. I can't believe such beauty (and clean garden) exists.

Four pictures above are Church of Annunciaton built above the place where Mary reveived the news from Gabriel about baby Jesus. Outside there are many mosaics/paintings about Mary when she received the news from all over the world. The little cave inside behind the gates is said to be Mary's house.

Bright and early the next day we went to Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle turning plain water to wine in a wedding. While you're there, make sure you buy their 12 years wine. Small bottle costs US$6 (around 400ml) and it is sooo good that you will be sorry if you don't bring one home.

A Sea of Galilee cruise. We danced a traditional dance with the boat men. It was so much fun! 
The heat didn't help us with the routines tho.

Capernaum is the place where Jesus performed so many miracles that people from all over Israel come just to get one. The most famous is probably the healing miracles which is why this place is the perfect place to pray for health and any kind of recovery you or your loved ones need.

The beautiful building is Mensa Christi church which means table of Christ. The church build around the rock where Jesus prepare fishes for his disciples. So after Jesus died, His disciples just had no idea what to do hence they go on to their past activities which was being a fisherman. They couldn't  catch any fish but then Jesus appeared and told them to throw their net to the left (not sure if it's right of left tho) of their boat and voila : fishes. And then when they reached the shore, Jesus was already there on the rocks, preparing a meal.

Touching the water of the lake because people believe that if you touch it, you will come back again to Israel and I am excited to come back with my own little family someday :)

We also went to Tabgha where Jesus fed 5000 men. The mozaics on the church is exactly like the postcard. If you read your bible, you noticed that there is one bread missing. Any idea why? Our tour guide explain that the people believe that Jesus is the fifth bread because He is the living bread (remember the Last Supper?)

Taking a sneaky outfit picture at Mt. of Beautitudes wearing a NYLA peplum top, Focus pants, sneakers from Thailand, Fendi sunnies, and Daniel Wellington watch.

We also went to Yordanite which is a place to get baptized like when John baptized Jesus in Jordan River. However, it wasn't the exact place where Jesus was baptized. The place we visited was commercialized hence making it more friendly and cleaner for us to actually get in the water.

Again, you did it! I know a lengthy post is probably not the best idea but I don't want to make my Holyland Tour is all I'm talking about for the next month! Only 3 posts left


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