Dune Bashing in Dubai

It is said to be the MUST DO activity in Dubai. I am not a big fan of anything extreme, but you know, I was there and probably won't be there for another ten years so I decided to just go with the flow. And I did threw up my lunch, which was expected anyway. If you have no idea what a dune bashing looks like click play on the video to get a picture.

Video is not mine! Thanks www.smarttravelsrajkot.com

So it was a Desert Safari package. Comes with the package beside dune bashing are : a ride with a camel (done very much of that at Mount Sinai so I decided to skip it), get a henna (can you see the pretty floral on my hand?), take a photo with traditional costume (for women, you'll have to cover your face with long black dress, not very appealing so I also skipped that), and then watch belly dancing before a buffet dinner. The buffet was dissapointing because they actually limit the amount of food we can take. Our group ended up ate dinner in the airport since we fear of missing our flight in Abu Dhabi airport which is about an hour and a half away from Dubai.

Despite my nausated stomach, I did enjoy the beautiful desert very much. It was brown as far as you can see and the sand is surprisingly super soft and not grainy at all. No wonder the sand dunes moves from time to time! If you go here during summer, you can expect to not be able to walk for very long because the sand gets excruciatingly hot. 

So that's pretty much it! Mahaloka (the tour company) Holyland Tour actually only includes Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, so Dubai is optional but most of us went with Dubai option as well. The tour was blissful, magnificent, and in many ways, special. 

Have a great midweek everyone!


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