Standing In The Sun

In case you haven't been on board with watching Scandal, you probably don't know the term “standing in the sun”
It was once a very trendy thing in Scandal. I think everyone can relate about wanting to stand under the sun, both figuratively and in the literal way. The sun seems like a bright hopeful state where everything is clear. Nothing foggy or in grey area for sure. All color seem so vibrant making you excited about life. I will always forever standing in the sun :)

Been in a color rut in terms of always coming back to basic black and white. Would love to update my closet with some warm fall tones but I just have to mix and match because I declare myself on a shopping ban next month! I have been done too much shopping this October :(
I think I'll just do 15 to 15.. But more on that on the next post!

Wishing everyone a great midweek!

Concrete Top – Detache, skirt – Stradivarius, heels – The Editors Market
earrings – Forever21, watch – Daniel Wellington


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