Three Bears Cafe Bandung

Three Bears Cafe (the Korean writing says cafe in English) is the latest hip place in Bandung. Can I just say I am so so happy to live in a city (which is NOW is getting colder, thanks God, I can finally pull out my favorite blazers) where the youth are all amazingly creative and continue to make Bandung a truly pleasant city to live in with so many hang out places to choose from. Okay back to business, this cafe is a fusion of Korean and Japanese food. I love Eastern cuisine to the death and this place actually take it to another level by making those menu with Western twists such as a ramen burger. I do love the interior. It's cute without being too cute while the ambience is warm and inviting.

This cafe has two stories and the first floor is rather small. It's half of the second floor. I assume because they use it mostly for the kitchen and the preparation counter. Oh, the three bears name is inspired from Goldilock story. Remember when the little blondie stumble upon a house with three soups and etc.. Downstairs they play that movie over and over.

Second floor is definitely more spacious. And definitely the better spot than downstairs. As you can see everything is cheerful and just very home-like, with greens here and there. It's a perfect spot for a friendly reunion or just a relaxing afternoon. And I am  thrilled to see no more minimalist industrial interior anymore. I think we have enough of them, right?

 Bear Punch (28k)

Green Tea Bing Soo (37k) 
Korean BBQ Burger with rice buns (33k)

 Ramen Burger with Japanese beef (36k)

 I ordered Ramen Burger and it's not bad.. But I don't LOVE it. I do think it could be better in term of taste. The bun will be so much better if only they put in a little salt or pepper.. I do think the portion is just right. With the double buns, its very filling. The chips on the side also gives a crunchy sensation. I mean, for a 36k is a decent meal! On another day I tried out the Korean BBQ Burger and this one is definitely much better than the Ramen Burger.

Milk & Cookie Shot (17k)

The green tea bing soo is really good. Despite for the fact that everybody said mango bing soo is better, but I think the green tea one is yummy too. Milk and Cookie shot is highly recommended. Especially if you just come for a nice afternoon break from work or assignments. It's super cheap and it tastes perfect. The cookie is in a shape of a tiny cup and while you drink, you can eat your cookie!

Service is flawless so far. All the staff were friendly, always answer with a smile, and ready at your call even when it was a full house.

I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who ask!

Three Bears 
Paskal Hypersquare A.28
Phone 022-86060611
Instagram @threebearscafe

Weekday 07:00 - 22 : 00
Weekend 07.00 - 23.00

The reason they open so early is because they also serves breakfast menu! Here are the menus.. I know a lot of people want to know what kind of food they can order when one wants to visit a new place :)

Anyway, I apologize for over than two weeks of not posting. I am still very much alive, you can follow me on my instagram @steviatepi for more updates! The past two weeks I was busy with Alive Youth Conference 2014 you can get the inside scoop by looking through #ayc2014 . Christmas preparation is also on its way so I make no promises that I will be back on my regular blogging schedule anytime soon. I do appreciate your comments and reading them do make me very happy :)

Have a great week ahead, loves!


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