Pepper Buns and Coffe Bandung

It's always fun when a nice place opened up near my home. It is literally a 10 minutes drive from my house and the plus point is, no traffic jam! Pepper Buns and Coffee opened less than 2 months ago. Obviously they serve hamburgers and coffee but I went there a few days ago and they have new menus of pasta dishes.

Interior is simple and clean. I do love the fact that it feels spacious without stuffy furnitures.

Authentic Burger. 

Triple Mushroom Burger. 

The authentic burger is highly recommended. I won't recommend the mushroom burger because it's very one dimension taste-wise, but since I love cheese, and it has plenty of cheese in it, I actually love it. Spaghetti Bolognaise is also really good. Everything tastes right although maybe it was a little bit to sweet. Burger price with meat is around 60-70k rupiah and drinks around 20-30k.

Pepper Buns and Coffee
Jalan Prof. Dr. Sutami 98. Bandung
Phone       : 022-87801395
Instagram : @pepper.bdg
E-mail      :


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