Nanny's Pavillon Home Bandung

Thanks God It's Friday, right? It's weekend at last!
I visited Nanny's Pavillon Home at Jalan R.E. Martadinata in the previous weekend. Nanny's Pavillon first emerged in Bandung around 2009. I remember the garden theme was the first one also located at Jalan R.E. Martadinata. And then library theme at Jalan Setiabudi. No longer after that, barn theme at Istana Plaza Mall. I believed there's a porch theme at Trans Studio Mall. After a few years running, Nanny's Pavillon everywhere starts closing and at April 2014 reopened as one Nanny's Pavillon Home.

As a home, the place has living room area and a few others.

 Dining area.

 Sewing room area.

 My favorite is definitely the bedroom area and the most coveted seat in the house is the girly bed.

Garden area. Not recommended at all. It's way too dark and too many mosquitos!

 Bathroom area.

There is also a playhouse area (not pictured) next to sewing room which will be perfect if you actually bring kids here.

I ordered Marsh's Potato Pancake (39k) with Iced Lemon Tea (19k).
This menu althought it's not a signature dish is one of my favorite because I can't get a potato pancake as good as Nanny's. The salad complements the whole dish perfectly with a strong and fresh acidic flavor.

 Crazy Chocolate Waffle (39k). It's as good as it looks but not recommended for one as it can get too sweet. 

I'm a bit sad that Nanny's Library is gone because the place was so close to my home hence, I can get my pancake fix anytime I want! But I'm just glad we still have Nanny's in Bandung :)

Definitely recommended for family or friends gathering. The ambience is very welcoming and warm (as a home should be) and they always decorate everything according to season. Such as Halloween theme as pictured with pumpkins everywhere. Service was okay, nothing special. I find the price tag is quite reasonable with what we get. Nanny's has been very consistent in terms of taste which is comforting for every foodie out there. A must visit if any of you wants good pancakes in a very nice place.

Nanny's Pavillon Home
Jalan R.E. Martadinata no. 125 (next to Carnivor)
Phone : +6222 - 7234018
Twitter : @nannyspavillon


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