The Treasury

From Israel, we continue our tour to Jordan to visit its most famous tourist attraction : The Treasury. Standing in front of the tomb also known as Al Khazneh, I cannot help but to feel how small my world is. There are so much more treasures out there waiting for us to give insights about what an amazing place this planet is, in which we have to preserve everything so our grandchildren will have the opportunity to have their own experience with the wonders of the world.

The gate to the site is right in front of our hotel. From the entry, we must walk (or you can take a horse) for 1,5 kilometers before we reach The Treasury. Luckily, although the sun was shining ever so brightly, the temperature was cool enough for us to walk in comfort. In my opinion, if you can walk, just walk. The view when you're walking is absolutely mesmerizing. Caves are here and there and you can stop to take pictures which can be impossible when you're taking a horse/pony.

About half the way, you'll starting to walk among tall rocks formed by earthquakes and erosions. It is called Siq and there is no civilization there; no lamps, no toilets, so it's a very raw, very natural path all the way to Al Khazneh. You can clearly see on the left (pic above) some sort of shallow ditch, which Nabatean (the tribe that many years ago actually lived here) used to transfer water to the city at the end of Siq. Walking surrounded by these sky-high sand-stones was an experience of its own. But even at my healthy state of age 25, I did feel tired from all the walks and practically crashed in bed an hour after we arrived at the hotel. So ponies are not such a bad option. Just skip the carriage. It travels way to fast to enjoy the stupendous scenery.

Most tourists stopped at Al Khazneh, took photos, and went back to their hotel (it's another 1,5 km walk and you have to make sure you reach the gate before dark) but there are more sites to see and more stories, located just behind Al Khazneh. It's a short 10 minutes walk to the street of facades (the background behind me) where you can walk for another 5  minutes to the theatre which can hold 4000 people at once! Pretty impressive.

The rows in the middle are actually seats of the theatre! Yeah.. You can't really see them and we didn't go any closer because it was getting dark and walking for an hour and a half in the dark is just not an option. Way to dangerous (and cold).

Thank you for reading and have a happy weekend!


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