Holyland Tour Day Two : Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai was actually from around midnight of day two to day three but I decided to just put it on day two because we didn't go anywhere except for some well which name I already forget. But do click more for my story of conquering Mount Sinai.

First 3 pictures above is taken on our way to a small inn near Mount Sinai. 

So to climb Mount Sinai, we all must take a camel for one and a half hour until camel station. We start around 11PM from hotel. Picture above is the camel station. They have warm instant noodles and warm tea or coffee. The place is very small and it is the only one around. They have toilet but it was so dark that all of us girls wait for each other in fear of falling and missing. After a short break, we still need to climb 750 stairs to reach the peak. It requires another one and a half hour. No camel or any other mean of transportation but our own feet.

The peak at last!

The stairs were not stairs at all. It's more like formation of rocks that incline upwards to the top. The climb was life threatening and I feared for my ife but we all made it safely! At the peak of the mountain, there is one small church that wasn't even open (obviously). But we prayed and then took pictures (failed, as you can see) and start our journey back to our hotel down below. I sprained my knees on my way to the camel station and then decided to take the camel for the seven kilos walk.

My camel guy, Ahmed, a Bedouin, speaks very little English. 
He does look scary but he did no harm and was willing to take pictures of me and his camel, Obama. We even stopped to give his camels some water halfway down. 

Back to civilization yeay!
I must say, climbing mountain is definitely not my thing. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm glad I proved everybody wrong. Lots of people seem to doubt and suggest me not to do it but I want to climb it so I did. I don't think I would ever climb it again but never say never, right?


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