Harper's Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014

Last weekend me and my sister and a friend decided to went to  Harper's Bazaar Fashion Festival at Jakarta Convention Centre. We went because we thought their seminar sounded interesting. Alas, it wasn't the case. What I thought would be an informative seminar filled with a fashionable power point, turned out to be a talkshow with the guest speakers.. I was definitely not happy about it since we pay a hefty price and we didn't even get any food or a simple glass of water just a goodie bag consisted of old magazines, an old notebook (clearly from a leftover magz' bonuses), and a super pinky beauty case (pretty sure it was a leftover magz' bonuses as well).

For 750k rupiah, I expected an eye opening infos and inputs about fashion business but we heard a lot more about guest speakers' experiences which I do appreciate but it just wasn't something that I, at that time want to hear. We did get to watch the Peranakan Fashion Show by 5 talented designers and it was pretty fun because it was my first fashion show ever and I got to watch it with my two favorite people :)

Fashion photography by Nicoline Patricia Malina. So much love for her works!

Well, I do hope you all had a good weekend!
I did despite the dissapointing seminar :)


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