Promised Land Part One

Above is a scenery of Jerusalem, Israel. In the bible, the promised land is a vast area that now is mostly in Israel. But there are more than the Israel official area that is promised by God to be given for Israel nation. To cut the story short, this post and the next post will be glimpses about our 4 days in Israel. There are over than 40 photos so do be patient :)

Qumran is the place were the oldest scroll of Holy Scripture of Old Testament was found. 

Original scroll found in the caves written by Esene people.

 Bethesda pool, where it is believed that Jesus healed people. 
It is located just next to St. Anna Church.

We stayed at Dan Jerusalem hotel and it has the best view of the city.

The next day, we started at a gift shop where there is this amazing carving about last supper. The last supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci was not very accurate. In Jew culture, the table is formed like picture above with the host on the left side of the table. And Leonardo did get it right about John sat next to Jesus but was surprising to me is that Judas sat on the other side of Jesus. While Peter sat across Jesus all the way there at the right side.

Chandeliers inside Church of Nativity where it's built around the cave where Jesus was born. This is the oldest church in Israel that still stand. Lamps and all sort of lights are very important to Catholics and Christians because Jesus is the light of the world.

The entry to the believed to be the exact spot where Jesus was born.

Sheperd's Field is the place where the angels announced the birth of Savior to the sheperds.

King David's tomb made out of stone covered with knitted cloth.

A Jew student praying.
Jewish Orthodox dress in black and white because they don't enjoy worldly stuff. So it's very formal and always ready to help people.

Church of St. Peter Gallicantu is the place where Peter denied knowing Jesus for 3 times.
It is also the place where Jesus where tortured and spent the night before they send Him to Pontius Pilatus.

The hole where Jesus where lowered down to spent the night.

 Gethsemane garden. Next to it is Gethsemane church.
Right below the altar is the stone from Jesus's era.
Believed to around the spot where He prayed before the crucifixion.

Church of Ascention. 
The stone below is believed to be the exact spot where Jesus rose to heaven while His disciples watched.

Church of Pater Noster. There is a small cave where Jesus teached His disicples the Our Father pray for the very first time. Around the church there are of Our Father pray in all the languanges you can imagine.

The Garden Tom is an area where we can see the hill where Jesus were crucified and also His tomb (Christian version). The Catholic version was different and further from the Calvary site but the important thing is that Jesus has risen. 

Picture above is The Wailing Wall. The man and woman area was divided. People came here to pray because this is the wall from Jesus' where the Temple used to stand. Jewish people come to pray and mourn about the destruction of the Temple and waiting for their Savior to come. I did wrote my prayer on a piece of paper and stuffed it on the wall like the Jewish people do. Just for fun. You can actually pray what you want to God directly, you know.

Anyway, you made it! Part 2 will ALMOST be this long too. Day 2 in Israel was brutal. We went full pilgrim mode from 7AM to 9PM. However, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you all will have a lovely week!


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