Musamus Bistro & Bakery Bandung (Romwe Giveaway Inside)

chiffon blazer - from HongKong, top & skirt - Stradivarius, 
flats - Nine West, MAC bag - Rebecca Minkoff

First of all, apologies for low quality pictures! I left my iphone at home because my charger was broken but all is good now :)
I don't feel like doing a review.. Well maybe just a quick one. Considering that this place is new and I don't see plenty of reviews out there. 

Musamus is actually the biggest ant house in the world (pic above) and they took the idea from there creating a rustic industrial ambience. I do love the glass wall at the front! I don't know. . . it just makes it looks exclusive. 

Musamus doesn't have a lot of options for savory menus. There are salads range around 30k, soups around 35k, snacks around 30k, pasta around 50k, meat-based meals around 100k, rice based menu around 40k,  pizzas around 69k, desserts around 30k, and drinks (mocktails, mojito, juices, coffee, and tea) around 30k. I love my grilled chicken but the choco sweetest taboo was way too sweet.

Waiter/waitress can be a tad bit nicer. And there were no one to welcome us when we came in. We actually had to walk to the cashier where there were TWO people sorting through bills. We also walked ourselves upstairs (smoking area) where there was one people take us to our seat. For this kind of place with the price I'm paying, I expected more from the service. But food came out fast! Even our drinks came later after the food. Parking space was not spacious and we actually parked on the street. 

Overall experience, I was quite happy with the whole thing.

Musamus Bistro & Bakery
Jalan Sultan Tirtayasa no. 35
Instagram : @musamusbistro
Phone : 022 - 70152255
Opening hours : 10 AM to 11 PM

Do join my giveaway! Yea.. I don't have any reason to host this giveaway but I'm just not in the mood to shop from out of the country so I thought I'll just give away the voucher :)


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