Bellamie Boulangerie Bandung

Visited Bellamie at Cihapit a few weeks ago with my friends. So sorry for the long hiatus, I have been away for a while but I am back with plenty of posts coming up for this blog! Back to Bellamie.. The place is easy enough to find but the space is small. I wouldn't suggest coming to this place with a bunch of people. I went there with six other friends and it was difficult enough to find table big enough for us.

The place is bright with plenty of whites which is very chic but I kind of wish there are more space.

 Eclair Praline with Pear & Kiwi Juice (35k)
Eclair tastes very nice and the juice is yummy too. Very light and fresh.

Bellamie Love (35k) with .. I'm pretty sure it's Focacia bread.. 
But anyway you can choose your bread of preference. This one is really good! Everything tastes delish and altho it looks small, it's fulling enough for me with the double bread and chips.

Beef Banh Mi Sandich (38k)
This one also tastes good but I like my Love Bellamie better.

Overall I would definitely revisit this place and order another Bellamie Love with maybe a cappuccino. I do think this place is more for a light-meal and after-meal visit instead of a filling lunch. You can order their bakery items for a more affordable option than the sandwiches.

Bellamie Boulangerie
Jalan Cihapit no. 37, Bandung
Open from 9AM to 9PM
For booking : +622 87805386


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