Santorini Park Cha-Am (Bangkok)

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When I went to Santorini Park Cha-Am in Hua Hin and updated my instagram, there were a couple of people asking where this place is, how to get there, how much does it cost, and what's in there. So I will be answering all those questions here. Hopefully it will gives some insight to anyone who's thinking about visiting this photogenic place.

Santorini Park is located not in the city of Bangkok itself but in an area about two hours away called Hua Hin. We went there via highway so the trip was actually enjoyable. There weren't that much sceneries tho. Music is a must.

We got there using a cab. The cab itself can holds six people comfortably not including the driver. We stayed at Modena so the staff helped us to book a cab and gave the driver specific instruction (in Thai, the driver speaks very little English) since we wanted to visit Swiss Sheep Farm as well and to be dropped off at Platinum Mall before heading back to our hotel. The driver waited at Santorini Park and at Swiss Sheep Farm and then left after dropping us off at Platinum Mall. We got back to the hotel using another city taxi. Do keep in mind that city taxis rarely willing to go as far as Hua Hin. Neither does Grab. I do suggest to ask for the concierge' help.

We spent 3800 Thailand Baht (US$111) for the round trip, already included is the highway fee. It's a pretty standard fee since we did our research. If there's 6 of you, each will only need to spend US$18-ish, which isn't bad. We paid when we arrived at Platinum Mall and didn't give the driver any food money. I'm pretty sure that's already included.

There is a cheaper option using shuttle from Victory monument in Bangkok. Search for buses with the following : Bangkok-Cha Am, Bangkok-Hua Hin, Bangkok-Pranburi, or Bangkok-Prachuap. Take the BTS to Victory Monument station. Once exit from the entrance gate, take the right staircase to go down from the station. You should see a narrow street selling the shuttle bus ticket. Head to the first counter and buy ticket for "Cha Am" station. The shuttle bus ticket is around 130THB. There is no exact schedule for the shuttle bus, it will only depart when the shuttle is full. The bus will not stop exactly at Santorini Park. It will only stop at Cha-Am stop, which is around 2km from the park. You will need to take another bike taxi to Santorini Park, usually the charge is around 100THB/person. In total, with the shuttle option, you will spend around 230THB/person which is around US$7. Very budget friendly indeed.

The entrance fee is 150THB/person (around US$4) and included is a free ride for the carousel. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pic of the carousel. It was a pretty one but the weather was too hot for us so we gave the free ride tickets away to a parent with two young boys. Other than carousel, there were also Haunted House, 4D X Rider, Trick Art Museum, Ferris Wheel, etc. There is an extra fee for each ride. We didn't took any ride since our main focus was to just stroll around and enjoy every inch of the park. There is also a waterpark right across Santorini Park. You will need to pay another entrance fee. I Googled and it was around 150THB as well. 

Besides the ride, there were also little shops selling swim suit, blouses, and of course, Santorini Park merchandises. I did bought a cute t-shirt for my little sis. There were also this adorable donkey dolls which is very Santorini. With the numerous steps on the real island, one of the way to bring a lot of luggage to your house/hotel is by having it carried by a donkey. I thought that was cute! But anyway, there really isn't that much to do in Santorini Park. You can either took the ride, stroll around, took instagram worthy pics, and eat.

The place is indeed beautiful and despite never having visit the real one in Greece, I do think it managed to captured the essence of Santorini with its striking blue and white colour combo, the white stairs, and the pretty flowers. I just wish that they play some beachy tunes and serves some frozen Greek yogurt which will make the experience more complete. Beside the scorching heat, we had a pleasant time there.

There are a few stalls and restaurants altho to our dismay, there is not a single Greek food in the park. We ended up had lunch at Katsu-O which was pretty good but not exactly the best kare I ever had. Le husband ordered pad thai and it tasted okay.  Fortunately, all the restaurants and shops are fully air conditioned so if the heat is too much for you, just roamed around the shops or ordered a refreshing drink in one of the restaurant.

And that's pretty much it about Santorini Park. I do think it's worth visiting at least once. Especially if you have extra time with the 6 hours commute in total. I don't think I would come back for the second time tho.

Anyway, if you haven't already, you can watch our whole adventure in this video below.

Santorini Park
76120 Phetchaburi Cha-Am District, Kao Yai, Thailand
Phone +66 32 772 999
Open everyday. Weekday from 10 AM to 7 PM. Weekend from 9 AM to 7 PM.


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