My 6D Eyebrow Microblading Experience

Photo courtesy of Bellbrow.Studio. I swear that is me, I could never mistaken my own freckles :D
Hi, guys!
Today is all about eyebrow. I feel like 2016 is the year of eyebrow and in January I took the plunge and decided to have my eyebrow microbladed.  There are a few questions that always come up from my friends and family such as : does it hurt? ; how long is the process? ; is there any down time? ; what if you don't like the result? ; how long does it last?  ; do you think I should do it? ; and the most important question of all ; how much does it cost?

So I will be answering all those seven questions here. It's more about my experience with microblading tho so for a more detailed information about the ingredients and the technique, you really should ask the staff (I will give their contact at the end of this post). Let's get started!

Question Number One 
"Does it hurt?"

The answer would be YES. It does hurt.
Microblading means the beautician will literally scarred your eyebrow with pigments so yeah, it does hurt. 
This is the explanation from :
Microblading fills in sparse areas of your natural brow, which is done by using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The result is a natural, real life looking hair stroke.

Worry not, the beautician will give your some anaesthesia first so it didn't hurt for like, the first twenty minutes (every people is different, my mom requires more anaesthesia than me), and when the pain is too much, you can ask for more anaesthesia. Also, don't be too surprised if you see the staff wiped away blood, like, a lot of them. It's not life-threatening, I promise.

Afterward your eyebrow will feel numb, for sure, and it felt swollen to me too. I actually write a log for this particular blog post and based from that, on the night of my session, I couldn't sleep because of the pain and ended up took a painkiller. The pain got worse until day three, especially when flinching my eyebrows. Pain completely gone on day fourteen. But again, every single person is different.

Question Number Two 
"How long is the process?"

To answer this question, I will give a step by step (that I can remember) explanation.

So first the beautician will put some anaesthesia on your eyebrow and while waiting for the medicine to react, she'll ask you what kind of eyebrow do you like and if you have any pictures for the eyebrow of your dream. Then, with a pencil, she will draw on your eyebrow based on your answers. The beautician (let's call her Naya from now on, cause that's her name) a.k.a Naya drew a less dramatise version of what I usually draw. She told me that small eyebrows will look more natural and more youthful instead of the thick long eyebrow I usually do (she also asked how do you usually draw your eyebrow). And I believed her because she drew like hundreds of eyebrows already. Some people took longer in this process tho, so make sure you communicate what you really want.

After that, you will lay down and she will start to work on your eyebrow using a micro blade (hence the name of this technique) and start doing a hair-like stroke based on her drawing. The small white ring is where she put the colour (which she will match to your hair, about one tone down), she would dip and stroke. And that's pretty much going on for about an hour and a half. After that, she will put a lot of pigment on your eyebrow so you'll look like a crazy person. That just to make sure the pigments really sinks into your skin. This part stings and she will give you a small fan to help ease the pain. You'll look like you have two giants caterpillar on your eyebrow for about ten minutes before she wipes it all off and voila, beautiful natural eyebrow.

Mom getting her eyebrow done.
Long story short, the whole process took about two to three hours. Depending to the patient, if you don't have a lot of request and have a good resilient to pain, it should be done in two hours (like I did). My mom took about three hours because Naya need to draw the eyebrow that my mom wants combining with the one that will suit her face. Luckily, the eyebrow shape that I want does suit my face so the process was faster. Also, my mom needs touch up of anaesthesia every fifteen minutes. I only got one touch up throughout the whole process.

Question Number Three 
"Is there any down time?"

There is no down time. You can definitely do your normal activities as soon as you stepped out of the door. There is however, one full week where you need to make sure there is no water touching your eyebrow and yes, that means no sweating. That's to give the time for the pigment to really seeps in. I did a 6D but there is a new formula called 9D in which you can wash your face after 24 hours. I believe the price is the same, but you should check with the staff first.
Notice that your eyebrow will peel off in about one to two weeks and in any circumstances should you not scratch it (cause it's itchy like hell). But that's okay, itchiness means your skin is healing. I do found the peeling off period to be the most awkward stage cause I can't fill in the area where the colour doesn't seep in perfectly. But after that, all is good in eyebrow land. About two weeks after the day of application, I don't experience any discomfort.

Peeling off period.
Peeling off period.
Noticed that there are some patches where the pigment doesn't stick. But don't worry, you'll get one free touch up to perfect everything. You need to wait for at least two months before getting a touch up because your eyebrows do need to heal.

Right after application, your eyebrow will definitely look bigger and darker than the end result because it's still swollen. After the peeling off period, your eyebrow will look more natural.

Question Number Four
"What if you don't like the result?"

To be completely honest, I don't think there's much you can do if you don't like the end result. You might be able to change it to darker colour or make it a little bit longer/bigger. So yes, it is a commitment and you should definitely be proactive during the drawing process. I also suggest to browse around your beautician portfolio and make sure you love her works.

Question Number Five
"How long does it last?"

My microblading appointment was on January 13th. I did the free touch up on May 26th. The touch up works wonder and I love my eyebrow even more now. Naya said my eyebrow will lasts from 6 months to a year, depending on my skin type. Oily skin type like me, might not reach a year. It also depends on your lifestyle and sun exposure. Up until now, six months after my first appointment, everything looks good. I'm pretty sure I need another appointment in February/March 2018.

Question Number Six
"Do you think I should do it?"

I honestly believe that this treatment is for everyone. Eyebrow is so important because it frames your face, which is the window to your soul. It definitely gives me a confidence boost since I have zero eyebrow and always struggle to get them look even. I think this is the best treatment for people who don't use make up on daily basis, this could really change your face. I do however, don't think it's a good idea for sensitive skin. Also, for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies, hold your horses cause you can't do it since there are some chemical involves.

Question Number Seven
"How much does it cost?"

I spend almost 3 million rupiah which is around US$225. And you get one free touch up. Pretty sure it's not the cheapest around town but I want to make sure I have the best quality since we are dealing with chemicals and blades. I think if you do have the extra cash, you should definitely try microblading your eyebrow. 

The place where I did my eyebrow called Bellbrow Studio.
You can check their IG at
WhatsApp/text (no call) 087823883000
Line official
Adress : Jl. Lodaya No. 5, Bandung, Indonesia.

Do notice you should make an appointment first before you come to their studio. They also provides other beauty treatment such as BB Glow, eyelash extension, lip embroidery, and double eyelid.

Well I do hope you find this post useful. Have a great week ahead!


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