July Favourites

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting five days late. I have been feeling in a funk lately and I just can't seem to shake it off. I do feel better now which is why I dragged my lazy ass to shoot and type this post. But anyway, these are some stuff that I have been loving in the month of July.

These mermaid brushes got so much questions when I first uploaded it to my insta story. I got it from and online store and if you want their contact, just drop me an email at steviaindrawan@gmail.com :)
Confession, I only wear their blush brush and contour brush for the past three weeks tho. They are not the softest brush, but they pick up powder based product pretty well. I got stares when I use this brush on my gym's locker room. They are very pretty and not expensive at all.

I'm pretty sure this blush made it to a favourites post a few months ago but honestly, this blush is so good and I always fell in love all over again overtime I wore it. The colour is perfectly natural and neutral, it also lasts a really long time on my skin.

I have always been a fan of floral but lately I'm more into solid tops and since I have been wearing my silver Daniel Wellington watch a lot, I need silver accessories. Because I have warm skin tone, I do gravitate toward gold accessories and lacking silver accessories, I bought this H&M layered necklace and it goes so well with all of my solid tops. The necklace is simple, dainty, yet still very chic.

I'm cheating a little, I only have this in the past two weeks and I haven't been wearing them that much since here in Indonesia we don't really wear sunnies. Only around beaches and I live in the city sooo.. yeah.. However, I do love this little yellow lady. Putting them on definitely makes the world a little bit more colourful. I got this from a store in a mall and they are not branded at all. Very affordable around $10. Perfect for your summer outfit.

I was a bit hesitant to buy this bag because based on my experience, rattan bags always have that strange earthy smell which I guess some people love but I'm a city girl so the smell of nature kinda putting me off. However, since I spotted so many bloggers sporting this type of bag, I decided to bit the bullet and bought this for $25 from a Balinese crafter (online, of course). And when it first came, I immediately regretted buying this since the smell was so strong. I ended up airing it out for a whole week before I could wear it. Now since the scent is all gone, I do love this little round bag! I don't own a round bag so this one have been on a good rotation. And the bonus : it's actually quite roomy.

They say when you find a fashion item that you love and flatters you, you get them in every colour and that's exactly what I did. These trousers are so lightweight and airy, it's the most perfect work pants that I have ever encountered. Eclair is the name of the store and I believe they produce this trousers. There is one more colour which is a charcoal, like a really dark grey but that one is in the laundry so yes, in total I have five of these guys and I have worn them every single weekday.

Clearly I have done some shopping in H&M since it's the second item from the store. I purchased this just because I was wearing a new shoes that day and I got such a terrible blisters I decided to just got a new sandal. I like the bow detailing, it gives a girly vibe but the black colour still makes this sandal look cool.

I was so happy when I found this on a bookshelf on the bookstore in Jakarta. I have been wanting to read this for a very long time but it's always sold out and I can definitely understand why. I read this late June and finishes in the early July so I need to reread this book since this funk is all in my head, I know.

I got a betta fish tank last month and I have been loving it. My betta fish, called Manny (from Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino Boxer, cause you know, this is a Siamese fighting fish) now starting to recognise me and he would swim near when I approached the tank. I found that adorable! I mean, I'm pretty sure he just expects food but I'll take that as a sign he likes me. Inside the tank we also have an otto cat, two tetra fishes, and two fishes that I have no idea what the name is. We have a pretty good community here and I always love just watching them swimming around while eating my breakfast.

And that's pretty much it for my July favourites. Wishing everyone a good weekend!


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