SASC Liquid Lipstick in Antoinette, Dazzling Deeds, and Vivacious Vixen

Hi, guys!
It's been quite a while since I did a beauty related post so I thought I started again with this local brand called SASC abbreviated from Socially Aware Sexy Cosmetic. Not sure how I feel about the name.. It's not catchy in any way and it's kinda tricky to spell; but I do love their packaging. They have a bundle available consists of 5 different shades but that one sold out so I purchased three colours individually but they sent it in this pretty box. It claims to be cruelty free and paraben free.

They have five different shades and I got three of them just for comparison.  
Antoinette is a nude colour with a very light dusty rose tint.
Dazzling Deeds is a soft pink with a slight peachy tint.
Vivacious Vixen is a bright deep red with orange undertone.

My favourite is Dazzling Deeds. The color is soft enough for daily wear yet you can still wear it for the weekend with a bold eye look. Runner up is Antoinette. The shade is pretty much like my lip but better. The perfect nude indeed. You do need to pack up your blush tho so you don't look washed out.
Vivacious Vixen is the least favourite just because it makes my teeth look very yellow. And also, it makes my skin looks very white, I don't know why, that's probably just lighting.

Formulation wise, they claimed to be non-drying and kiss proof. I do found them to be drying although not very much. A little trick with the lip balm before putting on your lipstick works wonder tho. As you can see, the first one that I tried, Antoinette, you can definitely see some dry patches. I have learned my lesson and hence the other two look more moist. They also feathers pretty bad so make sure you use lip liner.
Is it completely kiss proof? Not really. Especially if you did the lip balm trick first. I don't have a problem with it not being completely kiss proof tho.
The formula stands light bites and drinks pretty well but the inner corner is completely gone after a meal. Below picture is Dazzling Deeds after a meal.

Overall, for Rp. 150k (around US$11) I am not complaining. The colours are beautiful and they are quite neutral, nothing to warm or to cool which makes it perfect for all skin tone. For light to medium skin tone with warm undertone like me, I do recommend Dazzling Deeds! Got a few compliments when wearing it.

Anyway, wishing everyone a great week ahead.


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