Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette Review

Hi, guys!
I'm pretty excited about this post mostly because I have never reviewed a palette before. Also probably because I had my first cup of coffee in the past two weeks. Anyway, Tarte launched this Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette at the end of May this year and I didn't know about its existence until I saw it on an instagram post late July. I have been wanting a palette for my travels, so when I saw this, I immediately purchase it. I wish there's a blush in here, it would have been so perfect. 
This Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette retails at $46 which is a pretty darn good deal, IMHO. It's my third palette from Tarte. I absolutely LOVE Tartelette in Bloom, it's the palette that I always bring with me whenever I travel. I like Tarteist Pro as well, I found the pinkish shades are so fun to wear whenever I want to switch things up, but not like, too crazy.

The palette consists of 9 matte eyeshadows and 3 bronzers. I do love the neutrals. When I travel, I always wear neutral eyeshadows since I like colourful outfit and I just don't want to spend time thinking what eyeshadows that will look good with my outfit. The formula is a dream. The pigmentation is insane! It's super pigmented for sure, you don't even need an eyeshadow primer. 
Tarte claims you can use every single shade for eye, face, and even your eyebrow. I really want to try it for my eyebrow but I don't have the right brush for that. I don't even know what kind of brush that I need actually. I have always been a pencil eyebrow kind of gal. 

People claims that they don't experience any fallout, however, I do. Like, quite a lot. Nothing too annoying tho. There's also a kickback when you dip your brushes. I mean, as evidenced by my dirty palette. So sorry about that. But that is not an issue for me at all. I only care how it applies. It blends so easily. But like I said, it is crazy pigmented so you'd want to use a light hand.

FYI, I am light to medium with warm neutral undertone. And here are the swatches on my arms.

For the eyeshadows :
Journey is a rosy buff. - I really like this shade. I can see it getting a lot of wear.
Stone is a rosy brown.
Solstice is an ivory color. - sooo good for the brow bone.
Dunes is a slate brown.
Smoke is a coffee color.
Sand is a cream shade. - I love using this as brightening powder for under eye and nose bridge.
Ember is an amber brown.
Onyx is a black.
Instinct is a buff color.

For the contour/bronzers :
Terracotta is a warm taupe. - perfect for everyday bronzer
Deseret is a cool taupe. - my go to contour shade
Timber is a chestnut color.

I haven't played around with it that much. I have only used it 4 times. The first 2 times was just an everyday look and I only use the bronzer, I don't wear eyeshadows for my everyday make up. The last 2, however, I did try to create some eye looks with this palette. I'm only into make up in the last two years and even then I only practiced on weekends, so I'm sorry if my make up is not that good. I do however, like how it turns out.

It was a Saturday and against my husband preference, I wanted to wear a red lipstick (OFRA "Atlantic City") to match the red roses on my top. Here are what I put on my eyes
All over the lid : journey
Crease : stone
Outer corner : smoke
Inner corner & brow bone : solstice

I also use all three to contour
For nose : only desert
Cheek contour : terracotta & desert. (I used dessert first and then warm it up with terracotta)
Jaw contour : one layer of timber and blending it out with desert
Brow bone, nose bridge, under eye : solstice & sand combined

For the Sunday service, I decided to go very soft and subtle with my go to nude peach MAC "Kinda Sexy" lipstick. Here are what I put on my eyes :
All over the lid : Solstice
Crease : dunes
I didn't darkened the outer V since I was going for a simple look. 

For contour :
Nose, cheek, and jaw : desert
Brow bone, nose bridge, under eye : solstice & sand combined

And that's pretty much it. I will most definitely need to use this palette more. I haven't found my go-to eye look. So far, I am loving the contour shades. I can see myself only bringing this palette for my travels. Which I will put to test real soon.

Anyway, I want to apologise for not posting so much lately. I usually post 3 times a week. And when I was prepping for my wedding, I try my best to post 2 times a week (which I did pretty successfully). And now, getting used to with new schedule with my husband, I only found time to post 1 time a week. And even that is still a struggle. I feel like 2 times a week is still doable if only I stopped watching so much TV and stalking people on instagram. LOL. Do bear with me while I try to figure things out in terms of posting schedule.

Well, thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great day.


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