Hidden Gem of London : St. Katharine Docks

As promised, the second hidden gem of London! St. Katharine Docks dated all the way back to 12th century and remains open until today with a few redevelopment, of course. It's a quite popular leisure area with offices, public and private housing, a hotel, shops and restaurants and the famous pub The Dickens Inn. We had lunch at Ping Pong for some Asian taste and it was pretty good.
I'd say this place is worth a visit and even a must since it's a merely 5 minutes walk from Tower Bridge. The boats and the piers scenery are a welcome change and I didn't notice that much tourists in this area. Mostly locals who work in the area.

If you missed my last post, I did mention that my husband and I hired a local photographer to get our couple photos professionally taken. He was the one that suggest this location and we love all the results. If you're interested to get your holiday pics taken, do not hesitate to contact Dwiko. He's an easy going friendly photographer and we feel comfortable during our little photoshoot session.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you don't mind with this new concept of posting. I usually cramp all photos in one post titled "bla bla bla Vacation Diary" but I thought I dive deeper into places that I feel special and worthy of a separate post before going to our itinerary.

Anyway, wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


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