It's A Plaid Thing

I have never been a fan of plaid shirts, I don't find them flattering on me somehow but I do really like the prints. It does gives you that fall vibes that no other prints can do, I guess it's a plaid thing. Since I'm determined to wear plaids this fall, I actually custom made this skirt to a tailor and obviously it's a flared midi skirt, I mean, were you really that surprised?

Anyway, I would like to tap myself in the back for creating two posts this week. It has been a few months of one post per week but I'm trying, you guys. I guess the fact that I'm back to my parent's house (because my husband is on a 3 days business trip and my parents don't want me to be all alone in the apartment) and my old room which has no TV, I'm being more productive. So yeah, here's to less TV! 

Oh, I also decided to be on a social media fast this week (and maybe next week too), just to be more productive (as proven by my second post here this week). And also, to keep in tab with my individuality, the instagram (and Path, in my case, maybe yours is Snapchat or Pinterest?) has been so saturated with the same things, whether is the new coffee shop or a fashion trend, that fad would keep come up over and over again. I don't know if I really like this new tied up dress or is it just because all the celebgrams are wearing it and it looks good on them. That line has become real blurry. And honestly, I just feel  . . . overwhelmed? I can't put it into words, but I just need a reboot or something. It's only been two days, and out of habit, I still open instagram app, but I logged out of it, so I would be reminded that hey, you can do other things than checking out what he/she had for lunch. Let's see how I feel in a week, I might have some social media addiction withdrawal. LOL.

Well, thank you for reading and wishing everyone a great weekend!

black top - Look Boutique store // plaid midi skirt - custom made // GG black belt - Gucci // 
small city bag - Balenciaga // watch - Marc Jacobs // red block heels - Zara


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