October Favourites

Hi, guys!
I don't have that many new favourites this month mostly because I've been using most of my old  favourites from the past but here are a few new things I have been loving in the month of October.

So my old Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil has run out and I actually bought this eyebrow pencil just so I can shoot my How to Apply Korean Make Up post, but it turns out this one is really good! I love the soft spoolie and the colour is just perfect. The colour lasts forever too.

This mascara from Etude has zero clumps, I'm telling you. It doesn't have that much lift but it lengthens quite okay and it just makes your lashes look lush and fluffy which I found really perfect for days you just don't want a full make up. Definitely a keeper!

I had this powder for about a year and completely forgotten about this until I rediscovered it earlier this month. If you don't know about this powder, it's pretty much do what it says. It blurs your pores and the coverage is ah-mazing, truly make your skin HD camera ready. I love using this for my no-make-up make up look. Basically, it's just primer, BB cream, and then this Cargo HD Powder to finish everything. And of course, the Etude House Mascara for last touches.

Got this D&G Light Blue on a 50% off price and the scent is very summery. And being in a tropical country it's actually all year appropriate. I do love that it's very light as it says on the label so it's perfect for everyday use. It doesn't last that long on my skin but I still like it very much!

So in my last favourite, I mentioned that my husband said my birthday present was still on the way and tadaaaaaa he bought me this ever so popular Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag. And it's in mustard colour since he said I don't have this colour just yet in my bag collection. He did such an excellent job cause I LOVE IT. I have only worn it a couple times but I'd be sure to put up a short review on this bag soon :)

I love anything Marvel so when I heard there's a new TV show, I was so curious and this series did not disappoint (unlike the other one, Inhumans, which also Marvel). I love that the story line centres around a family and the special effects was pretty good. They have solid casts as well. I'm sure we all familiar with Stephen Moyer from The Vampire's Diary. There's also Amy Acker, which I love in Person of Interest. There's also Jamie Chung and Blair Redford. If you're looking for a new TV show to be obsessed with, I think this one is a nice option.

Anyway, thanks for reading and wishing everyone a great weekend!


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