I'm Like A Cat or Whatever

Happy Halloween, you guys!

Here in my country we don't really celebrate All Hallow's Eve so it's definitely a last minute costume for me. I had this cat ears headband from Forever 21 for a while so I thought why not be a cat or whatever. LOL. Clearly, I'm not that committed into this horror season. I'm also not a fan of all these scary movies popping up in my TV. I honestly don't feel secure changing my TV channel anymore... 

But anyway, if you're also like me; had no idea what costume to wear, and happen to have a cat headband lying around somewhere, this cat make up is super easy to do. Just do your make up like your normally would and add some nose and whiskers using a black pencil eyeliner. Don an all black outfit, be it a sexy one or a hipster one, make sure to add some chokers to create that kitty bell collar look as well, and you have a cat costume!

I am currently on a holiday so this space will be a little quiet.
Wishing everyone a fun Halloween day!


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