Holding On to Fall

Hi, guys!
Holding on to the last bit of fall before winter arrives. This photo is taken at Hyde Park about two weeks ago and being a tropical gal, it's actually my first fall ever and I LOVE FALL. I'm not too crazy about the cold wind but without the wind, I really enjoyed this amber season.

So yes, I just got home last week from a two weeks holiday across United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh) with my husband. Just the two of us having the best adventure of our lives. But anyway, I lost one of my memory card and despite it's upsetting, I'm going to try to recreate all of our trips there with a mix of iPhone pics just so we have something to look back on when things get rough in the future. Do look forward for my UK posts!

This is hands down one of my favourite outfit from my whole trip. I was definitely thinking about the whole golden hue of autumn and this whole outfit (except from the boots & stocking) are all purchased in London. The scarf is from Zara, the blazer and skirt is from Primark, and that gorgeous orange blouse is from H&M. I must say, shopping spree at Oxford Street is a must for you who visits London. Also, I think this set will make a perfect Thanksgiving outfit.

I hope all of you are enjoying this fall season and drink all the pumpkin spice latte that you can. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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