City of Stars from Sky Garden London

Hi, guys!
On our second day in London, we visited Sky Garden and so happy we decided to come on the right time to see the sunset and then watch London becoming a city of stars. 
I highly recommend you to make time for Sky Garden since it has such a different pace from your usual touristy spots. It has the right amount of locals and tourists mix. I do love that it's completely free! You do need to BOOK FIRST, but again, the booking is free. So make sure you plan your visit. 
After booking, you will need to be there about fifteen minutes before since there's a line and you will scan your booking barcode at the lobby so make sure you have your booking details with you either it's on your phone or as a print out.

The lights were so beautiful and I found myself humming city of stars while being mesmerised by such a gorgeous view.  To top it off, we had clear sky that day so we managed to catch the last rays of sun and then the lights come to play.

There were plenty of plantation on the upper area and there's also a deck where you can sit while watching the city life pass by. There are bars and a cafe as well so you can enjoy your coffee and dinner in one place. My only complain was the long line at the toilet and then another line when you're trying to go back down to the lobby. But other than that, we had such a good time.

Would definitely come back during day time if ever got a chance to go back to London. If you're curious to see more about Sky Garden, watch my video below (it's at 5:04)

Anyway, wishing everyone a great midweek!


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