Louella's Bakery Breakfast & Brunch Bandung

Hi, everyone. Today's blog post is from Louella's Bakery Breakfast and Brunch located at Jalan Cendana, Bandung. We went there on a Sunday around lunch time but the place was empty. I guess they are more famous for their breakfast and brunch instead of lunch. Anyway, place is very cute and even tho it is small, the vibe is still warm and cozy.

Since we went there after lunch in a restaurant nearby (more about that on the next post), we only ordered dessert; their famous tiramisu. 
I do have to say, their tiramisu is really good.
It leaves a pleasant aftertaste that is smooth and fragrant. Even my husband approves.
Tiramisu was Rp 42k and our drink Iced Peach Tea was Rp 28k.
Iced Peach Tea is pretty good too. You got one big slice of peach in your tea.

Overall would def recommend even tho parking is terrible. You can only fit two cars on their parking space. I'd say pricing is pretty standard. Nothing impressive about service but definitely wasn't bad either. If you like green tea, they also have a tiramisu in matcha version.

Louella's Bakery
Jalan Cendana no 3, Bandung.
Open everyday from 10AM to 8PM.
Reservation +6289602986090

Below is Louella's Bakery menu.


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