Markopi Brewing and Kitchen Bandung


Hi, everyone.
Today' post is from Markopi Brewing and Kitchen located at Jalan Setiabudi Bandung. Place is not exactly new; it opened in late 2020 and I passed by the place at least once a week but only got around to visit now.
The place has a Japandi (Japan and Scandinavian) interior design feel with lots of wood and white and bonsai here and there. Personally I kinda like the clean aesthetic. It is not easy to achieve a clean aesthetic while still looking cozy.

We came on a Monday afternoon and there were two other tables occupied. Not bad for a Monday.

Photo spot area.

Husband ordered Nagoya Smoothies Bowl (Rp 50k).
Very refreshing.

I ordered Chicken Teriyaki (Rp 45k) and I do love the sauce. 
While I prefer chicken breast, the thigh is actually not so bad; not too chicken-y.
Most likely thanks to the marinated teriyaki sauce.

I also ordered Caramel Machiato (Rp 38k).
Pretty good! It has just the right amount of sweetness and coffee.

Overall not a bad place at all. Would def recommend altho parking is not that spacious. But not too bad either. Food and drinks come out fast enough. Pricing is not bad and portion is just right. Service is also pretty good. 

Markopi Brewing and Kitchen
Jl. Setiabudi no 138, Bandung.
Open everyday from 8AM to 10PM
RSVP to +628818885656


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