Aom Dining Club Bandung

Hi, everyone.
Today' post is from Aom Dining Club Bandung located at Jalan Pasirkaliki. This place was once Picknick but they renovated it to be Aom Dining Club Bandung a few months ago. Aom Dining Club Bandung is in the same building as Gormeteria. Except that Aom Dining Club Bandung is located at the 4th floor, while Gormeteria is at 1st floor.

I do love the interior. Very classic and elegant vibe with the chandeliers and exposed brick arches.

Aom Dining Club Bandung really comes alive at night tho when chandeliers lit up.

We ordered two main dishes and one appetizer.

King Oyster Mushroom Beef Rolls (Rp 58k).
Love this one. Beef is very high quality and very smoky. Highly recommend.

Pad Thai (Rp 88k).
For me this one doesn't hit the spot but it is by no means bad. It's just not as good as the other menu.

Beef Green Cury (Rp 128k).
This one is legit delicious. It is very flavorful and the beef is tender. Very generous portion too for two people. Definitely would recommend this menu.

I ordered a cocktail Cosmopolitan (Rp 158k)
Very yummy. The vodka and the juices blends beautifully.

Husband ordered Thai's Es Campur (Rp 55k)
This one is also good! Husband finishes it in no time.

Overall had a very pleasant experience and will definitely come back in the near future. 
The ambience is perfect for sipping some cocktails.

Service was 10/10. From the moment we got in the elevator to the end when we go back to the elevator. It is a bit pricy for Bandung, but I mean, it's not like we're going everyday either. I'd say the price is worth the taste and the ambience and the service. Great spot for a special occasion kind of night.
We went there on a random Wednesday afternoon and when we the sun set, place starts to pack up. Definitely book first. We booked on Tuesday night.

Aom Dining Club
Jalan Pasirkaliki no. 176
(same building as Gormeteria)
For reservation +62-877-7776-5272


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