Garland Social House Bandung

Hi, everyone. Today' blog post is from Garland Social House Bandung. It is located at Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau) which is quite strategic since it is placed in the middle of Bandung. Garland Social House Bandung is inside a heritage building, meaning it is an old building which was built back when Dutch colonization and has been preserved to look that way.
I do like the rustic vintage vibe which is also a tiny bit spooky? But it looks fine during day time. Rumor has it, there is even a bunker inside this restaurant.

There is even a library on the second floor although I don't think it's a working library since there is no one to man the books. I guess it is mostly for decoration only. Second floor is even more spooky because there is no sitting area here.

I ordered Beef Saikoro Don (Rp 70k) and it was pretty good!
 The beef is well seasoned and even though they are chunky, they are not chewy at all. 
Just soft enough. Rice is also nice; Japanese rice I think.

Husband ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung (Rp 55k) and honestly will not recommend. 
Tastes very generic and way too savory.

Overall if you like rustic vintage vibe, then I will recommend. But if you prefer modern or minimalist space, then I think you can skip this one. Service is good. Parking is very spacious. Not bad for a group visit. There was even an event when we visit but the restaurant is still open for public.


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