Bolero for Transitional Summer to Fall Outfit Idea


Hi, everyone.
August is here and it is time for those transitional summer to fall outfit ideas starts popping up on your social media. Bolero sweaters have been on my radar since 2020 and while they look more like shrunken knits than an actual sweater, their lightweight nature is actually what makes this piece of clothing a great layering item for in between seasons.
It is no surprise that this micro trend is regaining momentum as we head into colder months.Whatever you decide to call this style of knit - a bolero, shrunken cardi, arm warmer, shrug, or sweater sleeve-- it will pair seamlessly with items you already have in your closet. And best of all, it is very helpful to solve the near-impossible task of dressing for the weird weather while still looking fashionable.

Personally, I love this shrug version. 
Paired it with your unique tank top and the keyhole effect looks cool while keeping my arms warm. Bonus point because it stays on no matter what activity I do. You can even use it for running errands.

The true bolero, the super cropped cardigan-like but with no button is also super adorable and snuggly. 
BUT, it keeps sliding off the shoulder. 
While it does gives a sexy vibe, it is a hassle to keep putting it back on.

I do would still recommend this version since it pairs very well with more feminine pieces like a flirty sundress. 
However, the shrug version can also be paired nicely with plain dresses. 
It really depends on your style preference.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoy these transitional summer to fall outfit ideas with bolero.

If you want to buy them :
Shrug version click here .
Crop cardi version click here.


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