Easy Summer Drink Recipe

Hi, everyone.
We are in the peak of summer and what is a better way to stay cool during the heatwave other than a refreshing summer drink recipe? Not only this summer drink is easy and refreshing, this drink is also very healthy and good for your body.
This recipe requires almost zero tools except for the orange squeezer (the yellow one) and that is like very easy to get. You can find it in your nearest supermarket. As for the ingredients, you will only need two navel oranges and one yakult; now for the yakult, if you're not in Asia, I think you can find them in Asian mart or your nearest Chinatown.

It is super easy, you just squeezed the two oranges and add yakult, mix it well, and then add ice cubes. Et voila, a refreshing summer drink for one. It is sweet and sour, perfect to wake up you up when 3PM drowsiness strikes.
Orange is high in vitamin C and can boost your immune system while yakult is works wonders in maintaining good gut health. No more bloated stomach if you drink this.

Impress your guests with using round ice cubes instead the usual square ones for your easy summer drink recipe. This liquid silicone for molds is made from safe and durable material, flexible and soft, and of course it is reusable for more summer season to come.

If a round shape is too mainstream for you, there is even this rose shape! 
I'd say your guests will be very much impressed with this shape of ice cube.

If the rose shaped is too romantic, this silicone manufacturers also have a silicone mold in the shape of a skull. How is that for hardcore? Then again, Halloween is just a round the corner now that August is upon us. If you are hosting a Halloween get together, this skull silicone mold would be a great conversation starter.


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