Bodabarn de Provence Resto Bandung

Hi, everyone.
Today' post is from Bodabarn de Provence Resto Bandung located at SaraeHills Punclut (Dago Bakery area). This Bodabarn de Provence Resto Bandung is quite new, it opened around April 2022, which means this place is only a few months old. It is located very near parking area; the one where you go in and pay for parking ticket. So don't be a fool like us and parked at Sarae Hills and Sudut Pandang parking building. It was quite a walk to get here.

Anyway, Bodabarn de Provence Resto is most famous for its backyard with the Provence-esque like facade, creating a seaside French town feels with the beige and the blue. I would say place is living up to the hype as it is very photogenic in every corner of this backyard.
But, the main entrance does look like a barn hence the name Bodabarn de Provence Resto Bandung. 

The interior is not too special but the backyard really making up for the most of it anyway.
The interior on the indoor area is cozy and nice enough tho with lots of woods and bricks.

Food and drinks come out fast enough. Maybe around 15-20 mins mark?
I ordered Spaghetti Creamy Grilled Beef (Rp 52k) and would def recommend! I think taste wise it is worth the money, altho portion could be just a tiny bit bigger than the current one. But in the end I feel just full enough thanks to the creaminess of the spaghetti.

I also ordered Ice Lychee Tea (Rp 22k) and it was fine. 
I was actually very interested in their artisan tea, especially the Provence one, sadly that one was sold out.

My husband ordered Nasi Bamboe ( Rp 48k) and it came inside a bamboo which was very interesting. Taste wise this one is also good! The rice is very fragrant kinda like Nasi Bakar. It came with a deep fried fish on the side. Price wise, I think this one is also worth the money.

Husband also ordered Strawberry Juice (Rp 25k). This one tastes refreshing and not too sour; altho a little bit watery. Would def recommend this one over the Lychee Tea.

Anyway, would def recommend to come just make sure you check the weather for that day because the outdoor area is worth to take pics with. Also, make sure to book ahead since sometimes they are closed for private events. Parking wise, since the whole gang of Sarae Hills, Sudut Pandang, Dago Bakery, etc. are all here, parking can be difficult so my suggestion is to come on a weekday before sunset so you can still take nice pics on their backyard. 

Bodabarn de Provence at Sarae Hills Punclut.
Kawasan Wisata Punclut - Sarae Hills, Lembang, Jawa Barat.
Booking via Whatsapp +6287875008882
IG is @bodabarn.bdg

Below is Bodabarn de Provence Resto Bandung menu & price.


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