Shape Your Summer Body

Summer is in full swing, everyone. The weather has been getting warmer and warmer and we are all breaking a sweat. Which means no more layers and more revealing clothings are now what everybody else is wearing. If you missed the timing and not feeling like you are in the best shape, you can shape your summer body easily with a wholesale shapewear.

I am a big believer of a seamless shapewear. While I usually just wear the shorts; but sometimes the shorts roll up so this bodysuit is a great alternative for when you are wearing a fitted dress. You can also easily add shorts or skirt and an outer for a whole outfit wearing this seamless shapewear. For wearing under your clothes, I highly recommend skin tone, but if you want to wear it just a top, you can go with the black color.

So this is the type of shorts that I usually wear if I am wearing a tight skirt or dress since most of my problem is around my stomach area. And the shorts also really helps to reduce chafing. Thick tights might save lives but it doesn't make them chafing-free. So even tho I'm not wearing tight outfit but I know I will be walking a lot, I would still wear my shorts to prevent chafing.

Of course shapewear is great for when you're in a rush but ideally, you also want to eat a balanced nutrition and exercise regularly to shape your summer body in a sustainable way. While I know exercising on a hot day is like the last thing you want to do, you can opt for swimming as an exercise on super hot days. 

For swimming as an exercise, I think simple is the best. One black swimsuit is the best option when you couldn't care less about your look and just want to burn some calories. Swimming is a great cardio and really helps making your heart and lungs perform better in the future.

Anyway, you can browse around more and read waistdear review before you checked out your cart.


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