Dad Sandals Trend for Summer 2022

Hi, everyone.
Dad sandals have been trending for a while; since 2019. But back then, dad sandals trend was pretty new and I was hesitant to try eventho I already own a Birkenstock. However, this 2022 dad sandals trend is coming back even stronger than before so I decided to give it a try and style two looks with dad sandals for summer.

While black seems to be the popular choice, I kinda like the nude color as well. For me, the nude seems to pair well with bright colors outfit while the black seems to only looks good with another black outfit.

Since dad sandals are a very casual footwear, it is only right to style them with another casual piece of clothing like the bermuda shorts. 
I add a bright pink blouse for a punch of summery color and pair them with a straw bag.

Now to the one that everyone is wearing; the black version of dad sandals. 
I do admit it does look very chic and slightly more dressed up than the nude version.
However, I can't seem to pair the black version of dad sandals with colorful outfits.
This dad sandals trend in black looks best with another black clothing.

It does look really good with a flowy black dress. 
I find the juxtaposition of a feminine dress and a masculine dad sandals creates a beautiful harmony.

I also opt for the no-back-strap option since it is much easier to put in and take off.
Will you wear dad sandals trend for your summer 2022 outfit?

Both of my sandals are from Rubi called Bronte Double Buckle Slide Sandal.


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