How to Wear Black in Summer

Hi, everyone.
June is almost here and summer is fast approaching. While I am a lover of vibrant colors for summer, there is just something undeniably chic about wearing black in summer. So in this post, I will share with you how to wear black in summer.

First and most important tip is to wear the right fabric
Linen seems to be everyone's favorite to wear black in summer but pure cotton and the more affordable rayon are also great choices. 
This top I'm wearing is made of rayon and it is so breathable and absorbs sweat really well. 
Most importantly, rayon is usually more budget friendly than pure cotton and linen.

My second tip on how to wear black in summer is to show some skin.
 A pair of shorts or a mini skirt is my go to. 
If you want to wear denim, light colored denim can really balance the darkness of your black top to make it more summery.

My last tip on how to wear black in summer is to wear the right accessories
Straw anything is always a good idea and contrasting nicely with your blacks. 
A straw bag and a straw hat can easily  transform your black outfit into a summery look.
A pair of good sunnies is also essential. 
And then of course, your favorite sandal to complete your summer outfit.

Anyway, that is pretty much it. 
It is fairly simple and no rocket science but I do hope one of these tips helps you in some way this summer. 
Have a good day, everyone.


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