Crochet Trend for Summer


Hi, everyone.
Today' post is about crochet trend for summer. While most people wear their crochet as a top or a cardigan, I am personally not a fan of those since in tropical country, a crocheted cardigan can feel suffocating, so I opt for a much wearable trend for the sunny summer weather; a crocheted bucket hat and a crochet bag.
Crochet is traditionally known to be worn at colder temperature; but I see a few people also opt for crocheted bikini or cardigan which is also wearable but personally, I'm not confident enough to wear a bikini and a cardigan is way too warm for summer weather. Hence, I highly recommend a hat or a bag to join in the fun but in a reasonable way; since a crochet cardigan is not only hot, but can be expensive!

A crochet bucket hat is perfect if you want to try out this niche-trend. 
Not only it is very easy to wear, it is also much cheaper option than a crocheted cardigan. 
There are literally a dozen design for you to choose and I opt for a checkered version for that retro look.

I match my hat color with my shirt color and it turns out very cute.
I personally super love this easy summery outfit.

If a hat is still too much for you, than a crocheted bag is another way to join this trend without spending too much money. 
Once again I opt for a checkered print crochet bag but in a more classic subdued color compared to the bucket hat. 
I love how the checkered print and the colors jazz up my basic summer outfit.

Will you be wearing anything crocheted this summer?

Crochet bucket hat (green - pink) ->

Crocheted bag (ukuran besar) ->


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