Sun Date Moon Resto Bandung

Hi, everyone.
Went to Sun Date Moon Resto Bandung a few weeks ago. We went there on a Friday during Eid holiday but the place wasn't too crowded. We did get there around 11.30AM, just when they open and when we were going back home around 12.30, the place is starting to get crowded.
Parking is quite spacious, maybe can fit like 10 cars? So it wasn't so bad. 

Place is very photogenic and I do love the sand area altho it can be quite a hassle with all the sand in your sandal. 
Definitely wear a sandal here. There are of course non-sandy area. 
But just to be safe, wear a sandal.

I think the highlight of this place is definitely the pool area. 
Altho you can't swim here so I guess it's actually more like pond without the fishes.
It does have that very Bali tropical vibes here and I love it. Especially for taking summery pics.

Second floor is quite spacious as well and you can see the pool view more clearly.

This sculpture is also massive and def one of the highlight of this place as well.

Food and drinks come out fast enough. I ordered Chicken Teriyaki Rice (Rp 56k) and it wasn't bad but definitely wasn't great either. I do appreciate the tortilla chips. A very fun twist.

Husband ordered Singapore Fried Rice (Rp 56k) and it's also tastes so-so.

The pineapple juice (Rp 33k) is really good tho! We also ordered Radler which is always good.

Overall we had a pleasant time and I sure get lots of pics. 
Would def recommend if you are missing Bali but don't have the time to actually go there. 
You do need to order first before taking pics. 
And I believe one person must order one food and one drink.

Sun Date Moon
Jl. Prof. Dr. Sutami No 89a, Sukarasa, Kecamatan Sukarasi, Bandung.
Open everyday from 11AM to 2AM
Below is the complete menu.


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