15 x 15 Challenge - Outfit 6 to 10


Hi, everyone. Here are outfit 6 to 10 from my 15 x 15 Challenge Fall Edition. If you missed it, you can check the items I chose and the first five outfits by clicking here.


Went for a lunch date on a Saturday with my husband. It was actually a hot day so I only wear the cardigan for pictures. LOL. The things you do for social media.
Anyway, more about this restaurant by clicking here.


A simple no fuss outfit for grocery shopping and running errands.
The matching monogrammed hat and bag really makes the outfit.


Wore this for a glamping/cabin experience on my Bobocabin vlog which you can watch by clicking here.

Since I don't have a full photo with the shoes, here is a clearer pic of this outfit.


A cute and simple outfit with this cream cardigan and suede skirt. 
Really love how the headband gives this look a light academia feel.


Another simple outfit for lunch with the in-laws.
The tied cardigan is actually fake and attached to the shirt.
Still love how it gives a more layered look without the bulk tho.

And that is pretty much outfit 6 to 10.
I haven't worn the leather blazer because I actually decided that piece at the very end after  I shot like 7 or 8 outfits. But that blazer will be featured for sure in the last series. 


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