15 x 15 Challenge - Outfit 11 to 15

Hi, everyone.
This is the last set of my 15 x 15 Challenge Fall Edition. When I started this challenge, I wanted to also do a no-buy month to really encourage me to make the most of the clothes that I already own. I failed at that but this challenge has really reaffirmed my decision to invest in my own closet essentials of pants and shirts. I felt really good about them because I'm wearing a lot of them more than my other items. 

After years and years of reading blog posts or watching videos on others' closet essentials, it took me a while to find what works for me, my lifestyle and my body. I'm glad that I'm listening to my own voice. 
If you ever decided to try this 15 for 15 Challenge, I think you will get illuminated on what items you reach out the most and that could very well be your own closet essentials.


Wore this for a date night in one of the hottest rooftop bar in our town.
The blazer really keeps me warm throughout the date.


A very cozy no fuss outfit.
I find myself wearing shirt as an outer and pants more and more often so I got this exact pants for two more extra pair in other colors.


Another pants moment with this time with a cardigan.
Wore this for a family dinner at one of my mom's favorite restaurant.


I'm cheating a little bit with the tank top.
It is not originally in my list but I think wearing the black t-shirt three times in a row will look a bit repetitive so I break out this tank top.
Some might argue that since you usually wear a tank top underneath your shirt, then it can be counted as an underwear so.. there is that.


A lazy day outfit elevated with a leather blazer.
I wore t-shirt three times just for the last leg and it shows how much I love t-shirts in general.
I do have a bunch of them and they are a great layering piece.

Here is a recap of all of my 15 outfits from the challenge. You can also read Part 1 and Part 2 to see each outfit better.


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