Circolo Restaurant & Bar Bandung

Circolo Resto Bandung

Hi, everyone.
Today’s post is from Circolo Restaurant & Bar, Bandung. Location is very strategic, on a busy main street. Circolo Restaurant & Bar Bandung recently opened about three months ago. 
First impression, place is very nice. With dark colored wood dominating the space. Feels old school with the tables and chairs but the flooring and the minimalism on everything else creating a modern feel.

Circolo Resto & Bar

Circolo resto bandung

Beautiful blend of outdoor and indoor with the glass ceiling. I imagine this spot will be very cozy in the evening. We went there on a lunch so it was a bit hot with the sun.

Circolo resto and bar bandung

review restoran terbaru bandung circolo

This appetizer is called Truffle Croquette (Rp 77k)
It’s not as truffle-y as I thought it would be. Presentation is very nice, all with the box and the pebbles. Taste is not bad.

review circolo resto and bar bdg

Fettuccine Bistecca (Rp 89k).
Also, not as good as I thought it would be. I still finished it tho. The pasta sauce tastes under-seasoned. And the black liquid tastes like soy sauce. The steak is pretty good tho!

Oh, they also gave this welcome bread for us. Which was nice. We like it. Bread is good & chewy.

I also ordered (fresh) Strawberry Juice (Rp 36k)
It’s okay.

Alamat circolo resto bdg

Overall, not sure if I should recommend since the food we tried were not so good. But I would definitely give the place another try and ordered something else. Service was okay nothing special. Food & drinks come out pretty fast. Parking is medium sized. I bet it will be packed on a weekend. We went there on a Thursday. If you are curious, since place is new, definitely come and visit.
They also have a 2nd floor but when we went there, there was a private corporate event so I didn’t check out the 2nd floor.

I do love their entrance!
Anyway, below is their menu.
As for alcoholic beverages, I’m not sure if those are available at all times. Usually they are available to order in the evening.

Menu makanan circolo resto and bar bdg
Menu makanan Circolo Restaurant & Bar Bandung.

Menu cocktail circolo resto & bar bdg

Menu lengkap circolo resto & bar bdg

Circolo Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Sukajadi no. 198, Sukajadi, Bandung.
Open Mon to Sun from 11AM to 12AM


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