Highlighter Collection : High End

What time is it? Summertime, it's all vacation! (High School Musical fan forever here)
Can't help but to always sing that song like a total goof when it's June. Anyway, it's finally summer and we all want to achieve that beautiful healthy summer-glow. I have only been using highlighter in the past two months but I have been loving it so much I think you can categorized me as a highlighter hoarder (especially drugstore ones). Obviously you only need one or two highlighter and you're good for the next two years because there are a lot of product even in just a single highlighter.

In the above photo : top left is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal ; top right is Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam; bottom left is The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer; and bottom right is MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish. Honestly, I love all of them. They look pretty much identical with the golden hues except the pinkish on Shy Beam but I find each ones gives me different types of glow.

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam is exactly like what the title says. It gives you the most subtle glow without any trace of glitter. The above photos is what it looks like when blended and when you put it on before blending it. I like to use this when I want that little glow but doesn't look like I'm wearing any highlighter on. I think it's perfect for even work/formal activities because it is just so subtle but you can still see it. You do need to work a little bit to make sure it blends nicely.

So these three are the warm highlighter that I own, because I do have warm undertone so it makes sense to wear warm highlighter too. Mary Lou is the most frosty, hence it gives the most intense glow. The most subtle is surprisingly Opal. I use a lot of product to make sure it shows on the swatch photos above. On the face it's actually really subtle. MAC Soft & Gentle looks more intense in the pan than the other two but it wears beautifully on the face.

Packaging-wise, I love Becca's the most. It looks like some sort of a police badge.. LOL. Mary-Lou is a cult favorite in terms of packaging and formula. Benefit Shy Beam is also very cute and girly. MAC Soft & Gentle does have a clear glass on top which really helps when you have tons of highlighters.

I wear very little amount of the Becca Opal so it doesn't really shows on photos but you can really see it in real life. All three have traces of glitter in it but a very refined ones, nothing chunky so it doesn't look like you're about to go dancing on stage. If I were going to chose only two, I will go with The Balm Mary-Lou for a night look and go with Becca Opal for everyday daily look.

Anyway, I hope everybody had a nice weekend!
I watched Now You See Me 2 and it was good! I don't understand why it gets such bad review. I was engaged every second of the movie and not a single boring scene in sight.

Well, wishing all of you a great week ahead.


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