Black Summer

Hello there!

First of all, apologies for being so absent. If you have tried to visit me in the past week, you'll notice that my website was down. I missed a "domain parking" payment and as the result my website cannot be accessed. It has been a lengthy week trying to get The Sweetest Escape back but I am thankful for my tech-savvy friends who has done everything and now we are back in business!

And I also have to mention that my keyboard is broken. I'm not sure what happened but the whole QWERTYUIOP line cannot be typed. I am actually typing on my IPad and when I'm finished, I'll email it to myself and just copy paste it to blogger. So redundant but what choice do I have? Will definitely get them fix soon.

Just popping in real quick to tell you those twthings. This outfit is from two weekends ago. Really into the tie-up neckline these days. It's sexy in a subtle way. Hence, even tho this top is in black, I still rock them in summer time. You can call it a black summer day.

Do excuse the crappy quality of my photos. It was really dark at 4 PM because of the rain. Well, wishing everyone a good week ahead!

top - Lovely Supplier // shorts - Velvet // wedges - Vincci //
 mini MAB - Rebecca Minkoff // triple tour bracelet - Balenciaga // 
watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs


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