Coach Swagger 20 Mini Review

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For some reason my Givenchy antigona mini review and Furla metropolis mini review always manage to be in the top 5 of my most read posts week after week.. Therefore, here it is another mini review of a new bag I just acquired a few weeks back : Coach Swagger 20 in bicolor. I believe the color is called Beechwood.

I first saw this bag around last year; because I follow Chloe G. Moretz (she's just the coolest) at instagram and it turns out she is the new face of Coach and she was posing with this beautiful bag and it turns out to be the newest bag in their line called The Swagger.
I think Stuart Vevers as their new Creative Director did an excellent job at reaching out to the younger crowd because when I remember Coach, I'll remember bags that are just classic but not trendy in any means.

The Swagger has four sizes, I believe. Size 20 is the smallest one, 21 is about an inch bigger, 27 is their medium size, and there's 32 which is their large size or also called Swagger carryall. Ariana Grande once collaborated with Coach creating a bag called Kiti Swagger (size 20) and I just love those! It comes with the little pom pom but I'm not sure about the purple color. I don't have a lot of purple items in my closet so mix and matching that will be difficult, hence, I decided on the neutral beechwood color. 

I bought this bag at an instagram store @noashopee which has the best deal I've seen so far. They also have a very safe packaging. My bag arrived safely. By the way, counter price for Swagger 20 at Plaza Indonesia is 7 million rupiah (about US$520) and I bought this one for a little bit more of half that price. Just like if you purchased it at the US store with today's currency. I know right, taxes are the worst for us; bag addicts. I recently went to Singapore and the prices are pretty much the same even after the discount.

My first impression when I got the bag was it's so cute! The beechwood color is even prettier in real life and it's perfect for spring/summer time. I'm pretty sure this one is last year's color because I couldn't find it on their outlet here in Indonesia (Plaza Indonesia) or the ones in Singapore (I went to the Paragon and Wisma Atria). The bag is tiny but it's not as small as my Furla mini metropolis. It measures 20 (bottom) / 26 (top) cm x 13cm x 9cm. 
Things I can fit in there are just like below photos.

My iPhone 6 fits perfectly on the front and back slot which is always a plus for easier access. I can bring pretty much everything I usually need except that I have to switch to a slimmer wallet (mine is from H&M and it's only like $10 and it's still in a good shape after a year). I do feel like this will be a perfect holiday bag which I will personally put to a test next month on my next trip!

The pebbled leather is a practical option since it doesn't need a lot of baby-ing. Precious bags are not for me because I'm super clumsy, I spill pretty much everything and I always have a stain every time I wear white. The strap length is also customable and very short-people-friendly (I'm only 156cm or 5 foot 2). There are four little feet which I always love because it gives a little protection for your bag's bottom part.

Will I recommend this bag? Well, if you already have a ton of small bags then no. But if you're like me and you don't have a small neutral color small bag (all my mini bags are colorful), it's a nice more affordable option then let's say a mini city by Balenciaga or a small drew bag by Chloe which both are on my wish list. I mean, for me, this color is kind of neutral because I do own a lot of floral pieces which is usually looks good with brown toned bags (my petrol blue Givenchy antigone works too but not always).

Well, I hope you find this review helpful because I couldn't find many reviews about this bag.
Also, wishing everyone a great weekend!


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