Tbdress Prom Dresses 2016 Fashion Collections wait For You

Hello, there!
I hope everybody is having a good Saturday with your loved ones. I'm back with a sponsored post this time is from Tbdress which provides beautiful dresses and also, a full section for men! From outfit to belts to shoes. 
Since it is the season of prom, we are going to talk about prom dresses. The website have a whole bunch of Tbdress cute prom dresses 2016 sales from which you can choose from. I took the liberty and browsed around their Tbdress cheap prom dresses 2016 online section and find my top 5 choices. These are a mix of Tbdress modest prom dresses collections and also the sexy ones, and of course, something in the middle that is not too sexy but not too modest.

My favorite is obviously no. 1; the blue color is the perfect dose of coolness, the neckline is modest yet unique, and yet the split makes it a tiny bit sexy. There isn't much beading so you can either go with lots of bling for a wow factor or you can opt for tiny earrings to achieve that chic simple look.
The other four also stands out in its own way. Number 2 is very sexy and daring, you should see the backside! Number 3 is romantic and sweet. Number 4 is fun and flirty while number 5 is for the princess in you.

Anyway, thank you for reading and for you who's going to prom, I wish you the best of times with your friends. Just wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Have a good start of the week!


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