Vacation Diary : Bali Day Two

First stop of the day was Tanjung Benoa for some water sport. There are so many options there and they have this new walking underwater program! Which sounds super fun but too expensive for us. Budget at least 300 thousand rupiah if you want to do anything here.

We had lunch at Bapa Dobile which serves porks. The food was okay and quite cheap for Bali standard but definitely not for the weak stomach! The owner didn't was his hand after received money from us to pick up side dishes for the next person. Thank God none of us was in any stomach pain afterwards.

Next stop was Klapa. The place is really cozy although the heat was unbearable but you can dip in to the pool right next to you. Plus, the beach is gorgeous! Even better than Kama Kandara's. Will definitely do a review of this place.

From Klapa, we went straight to Rock Bar which is located in Ayana Resort to catch a sunset. There is a dresscode but not too strict. You will not be granted a pass if you wear tank tops, flip flops, surfer shorts, or too short shorts. My suggestion for men is to wear a nice polo t-shirt with knee length jeans/chinos with decent summer sandals. And for girls, you can always wear your favorite summer dress. Will definitely do a review of this place!

Sorry for the blurry pic taken with my Blackberry.

We had dinner at Warung Made to taste Nasi Campur Bali which is not exactly my cup of tea but a must try if you visit Bali! It's super cheap considering the amount of food and the variety of side dishes in the plate. Didn't take any pics as I left my camera in the rented car.

I have two more days to show you. Stay tune :)


  1. wow good to see you are having such a great time and anyway YOLO!! :D

    enjoy hard

  2. We are currently in the midst of Bali "STAYcations". How exciting to spend an entire 4 weeks traveling! Surely to be a great experience for the whole family. I'll have to follow Anouk's blog. You can see Summer vacation in Bali

  3. jalan jalan yang seru dan menambah pengalaman


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