Singapore May 2014 Visuals

A few weeks ago I went to Singapore with a friend (okay okay my main reason was to check out Fendi 2Jours bag that I have been lusting about for over a year, and finally took the plunge to get one! Check out my review of the bag here) and we happily went all touristy! I love Singapore, I truly do. It's a fun getaway that doesn't cost much money. And it's different with Bali (which is great for a beach getaway) because to be honest, I never shopped anything in Bali except for the delicious Pia Legong and pie susu (milky pie). And since the Great Sale period was still ongoing, I did bring a few new items home. Do you think Singapore is a nice getaway country? 

We heard great things about Nam Nam Noodle (this one is at Plaza Singapore) but I was dissapointed because there really is nothing special in term of taste. Although the much rave was about the dry pho instead of what we ordered.. So we probably just ordered the wrong menu. Price range is very pocket friendly. Around 9 to 15 Sing dollar.

 Obligatory picture in front of ION Orchard.
dress - Asos, sunnies - Primark, Saffiano Lux Tote - Prada, flats - Michael Kors

 Really yummy KOI. I usually got mine from the one located in Lucky Plaza.

Mouth-watering dinner with generous portion at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin (ION Orchard).

 Pretty much all of my breakfast during my stay came from Paris Baguette (located at Wisma Atria).

We took MRT most of the time (except when we went to Carpenter and Cook, also when we went to the airport on our last day) and I loooove the new air conditioning system! The cool chilly air is perfect even might be too cold during long travel.

My second visit to SEA Aquarium (at Sentosa, we took the shuttle at Vivo Mall). It's not actually a second-time-worthy place but I don't see any harm in admiring beautiful corals and fishes. Their vibrant cheery colors are truly inspiring.

My friend and I decided to try out Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora located inside the SEA Aquarium. It's one of those fancy smancy restaurant and the view is mesmerizing. You can enjoy your meal with sharks and gigantic stingrays and I didn't regret a single cent. Each of us must spent at least 35 Sing dollar before tax and a maximum of 2 hours seating. The seating time is kind of annoying but really 2 hours is more than enough. Food and drinks was so so but the dessert is the best!!

Next stop was Garden by The Bay. Again, this is my second visit but it was still fun to take touristy pictures and flower-watching. We took the MRT to Harbourfront station and then walked all the way to the domes. I must say, it was the longest treacherous walk thanks to the scorching sun and our sore feet.

 top & skirt - Chlorine, Saffiano Lux Tote - Prada, sunnies - Primark, sandals - Ipanema

We walked some more to Marina Bay Sands mall and had dinner at Mozza. The pasta is really good. There's a mozarella cheese inside the round pasta. The only downsize was the portion is waayy to small.

The next morning we had brunch at Carpenter and Cook. Read my review of this adorably vintage cafe HERE

Went back to Orchard for some sweet treats from Laduree and Antoinette.
top - unbranded, skirt - Clarissa Haryadi, Saffiano Lux Tote - Prada, sandals - Ipanema

cropped bustier - Topshop, bolero - unbranded, white flare skirt - Velvet, 
Saffiano Lux Tote - Prada, black flats - Michael Kors

Tried out Bravery located super near to my hotel which is V Lavender Hotel. The coffee was good but the food was . . . not recommended. I even tried out the highly recommended Beef Steak Ciabatta but all I could taste was the beef. I expected more seasoning for 13.5 Sing dollar food. However, it was said that their raunchy eggs and pancakes are top notch.

Well I do hope you enjoy reading or just seeing the pictures.
Wishing you a great weekend!


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